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Double Oak Police Beat – October 2016

Double Oak Police Chief Derrick Watson
Double Oak Police Chief Derrick Watson

Most, if not all, adult drivers have seen the irresponsible parent or adult driving down the road with a child bouncing around the interior of a vehicle.  The statistics regarding child death and injury from motor vehicle collisions are overwhelmingly negative when safety restraints are not used.

“In the United States during 2014, 602 children ages 12 years and younger died as occupants in motor vehicle crashes, and more than 121,350 were injured.  Of the children ages 12 years and younger who died in a crash in 2014, 34% were not buckled up.”

“A study of five states that increased the age requirement to 7 or 8 years for car seat/booster seat use found that the rate of children using car seats and booster seats increased nearly three times and the rate of children who sustained fatal or incapacitating injuries decreased by 17%.”  (

Law Enforcement and the community at large want parents to have children wearing seatbelts and using size-appropriate safety seats.  “Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death during the first three decades of American’s lives.”  “By wearing seat belts and properly buckling children into age-and-size-appropriate car seats and booster seats, people can reduce the risk of serious injury and death in a crash by half.” (

The following 2016 Child Passenger Safety National Best Practice Recommendations is information provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety:

Phase 1: Rear-Facing Seats:  Motorists are encouraged that children from birth to 35+ pound and 2+ years old are to be secured in rear-facing infant safety seats as long as possible.  Proper installation in accordance with the owner’s manual is very important.

Phase 2: Forward-Facing Seats:  When children outgrow the rear-facing safety seat (minimum 2+ years) they should ride in a forward-facing safety seat as long as possible, up to the upper height or weight limit (40 – 80+ pounds) of the harnesses.  Usually 4+ years old.  NEVER turn forward-facing before child meets all: AGE/HEIGHT/WEIGHT requirements set by safety seat manufacturer for forward-facing.

Phase 3: Booster Seats:  After age 4 and 40+ pounds and behavior maturity, children can ride in a booster seat with the adult lap and shoulder belt until the adult safety belt will fit them properly (usually when the child is 10 – 12 years old).  MUST have a lap / shoulder belt to use a booster seat.

Phase 4: Seat Belts:  Children are better protected the longer they can stay in each phase.  Keep children in each seat up to the maximum age/weight/height limits before moving to the next phase.  ALL children younger than age 13 years should ride properly restrained in the back seat.

Proper installation and adjustment of child safety seats can be challenging.  Double Oak Police Officer Shaun Chelf is available by appointment at (972) 355-5995 to assist with selecting the proper seat for the child, coaching on installation so that parents or caretakers can install the seat in the future and proper placement of the child in the seat.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Recent Police Calls

Disturbance – 1600 blk. Broome Rd., Bartonville – Officer assisted Bartonville PD with resolving a dispute between family members.

Assist Agency – 1300 blk. E. Jeter Rd., Bartonville – At 1:50 a.m. Officer assisted Bartonville PD with a vehicle search.

Suspicious Circumstance – 200 blk. Meadowknoll Dr., Double Oak – Complainant reported a possible attempted burglary.  No property was missing.

Assist Agency – 8300 blk. Holliday Rd., Lantana – Officer assisted Deputy on an overdose call that turned into a disturbance.

Animal Complaint – 300 blk. E. Carruth Ln., Double Oak – A homeowner reported two dogs having been sprayed by a skunk.  Officer assisted with searching for the loose and missing dogs.

Disturbance – 200 blk. FM 1830, Denton Cnty. – Officer dispatched to assist Denton County with responding to a disturbance between family members.

Disturbance – Dixon and Long Prairie Rd., Flower Mound – Officer assisted Flower Mound PD with resolving a disturbance between boyfriend and girlfriend taking place at a wireless store.

Meet Complainant – 100 blk. Lake Trail Dr., Double Oak – A resident had questions about oversize tires affecting a vehicles speedometer.

Assist Agency – 800 blk Wagner Way, Lantana – At 12:19 a.m. officer assisted Deputy with investigating an open door and unsecure residence.

Public Service – 200 blk. Whispering Oaks Dr., Double Oak – Officer observed an open vehicle door and a purse and wallet left in a vehicle.  The owner was contacted.

Animal Complaint – 200 blk. Brown Cliff Ct., Double Oak – Officer found a lab loose on King’s Rd. and was able to return to owner.

Assist Agency – 100 blk. Hawk Crest Ln., Double Oak – Officer assisted Flower Mound PD with searching for a missing child.  Child was located at a Double Oak residence.

Medical Call – 8500 blk. Justin Rd., Double Oak – Adult male having breathing difficulties requested transport to an emergency room.

Traffic Complaint – 100 blk. Meadowknoll Dr., Double Oak – A citizen reported a juvenile male riding a dirt bike on the street.

Assist Agency – 3400 blk. Lakeside Ct., Bartonville – Officer acted as a cover unit for a vehicle search at 12:38 a.m.

Prowler – 900 blk. Ranch Rd., Denton County – A homeowner reported having a prowler at gunpoint.  Officer responded with lights and sirens.  Suspect departed prior to officer arrival.

Missing Person – 400 blk. Country Ct., Bartonville – Officer assisted Bartonville PD with searching for a missing person.  Missing person was located near a pond, deceased, from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Possession of Marijuana – 6200 blk. Long Prairie Rd., Flower Mound – During the conduct of a traffic stop an officer detected the smell of marijuana.  A search of the motorist’s vehicle revealed drug paraphernalia and packaged marijuana under two ounces.  A citation was issued for the paraphernalia and the marijuana was seized to be used in a criminal prosecution.

Suspicious Activity – 100 blk. McMakin Rd., Double Oak – While on patrol officer observed an unknown maroon GMC pickup, with an open door, parked outside a local boat shop at 11:29 p.m.  Upon further investigation the driver of the pickup was determined to be the boat shop owner.

Telephone Harassment – 100 blk. Lake Trail Dr., Double Oak – A complainant reported receiving a phone call in which an unknown person threatened to arrest her.

Administrative Duty – 300 blk. Waketon Rd., Double Oak – Officer assisted with releasing a person being held on Double Oak warrants in another jurisdiction.

Disturbance – 900 blk. Witherspoon Way, Bartonville – Officer responded to disturbance between family members in which a possibly intoxicated male left the scene on a bicycle.  Subject was found hiding behind a parked Chevy Suburban.  Subject was released after it was determined that he wasn’t intoxicated and the disturbance had been only verbal in nature.

Arrest – 6300 blk. Chinn Chapel Rd., Highland Village – Officer stopped a motorist for a traffic violation in Double Oak.  During the traffic stop it was determined that the subject was wanted for Assault Family Violence and Violation of a Protective Order. An adult male was taken into custody and transported to Denton County Jail.

Prisoner Transport – Plano Police Department – Officer picked up an adult male arrestee who was being held on $1,700 of outstanding traffic warrants from Double Oak.  Arrestee was transported to the Flower Mound jail to meet with the magistrate.

Criminal Trespass – 500 blk. Waketon Rd., Double Oak – A homeowner reported an unknown person keeps trespassing on to their property to take down or destroy political support signs posted in her yard.

Motorist Assist – 100 blk. Double Oaks Dr., Double Oak – Officer assisted motorist who could not get their car into gear.  Officer waited until a tow truck arrived.

Alarm – 300 blk. Valley View Trl., Double Oak – During the investigation of an alarm call a residence was found to be unsecure.  Officers contacted the homeowner and it is believed he accidentally left the house open.

Alarm – 300 blk. Kings Rd., Double Oak – Alarm appeared to have been activated by a house pet.

Assist Agency – 800 blk. McMakin Rd., Bartonville – Officer assisted Bartonville PD with a building search.

Suspicious Circumstances – 8100 blk. Justin Rd., Double Oak – Officer found an unoccupied car, at 10:39 p.m., with windows down, and a warm motor, parked behind a church.  Officer was unable to locate the motorist(s).

Loud Music – 200 blk. Meadowknoll Dr., Double Oak – A witness reported loud music at 11:56 p.m.  Officer was unable to locate any loud music in the area.

Motorist Assist – 8100 blk. Justin Rd., Double Oak – Officer provided traffic control for a stranded motorist and helped move the vehicle off the roadway and into a parking lot.

Suspicious Circumstances – 100 blk. Timberleaf Ct., Double Oak – Reports of multiple gunshots at 9:33 p.m.  Officer checked the location on foot but was unable to find the source of the reported gunshots.

Traffic Complaint – 500 blk. Waketon Rd., Double Oak – A caller reported motors being revved behind a fence and cars entering and exiting the area playing loud music at 12:15 a.m.  Officer was unable to locate the source of the noise.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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