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Robson Ranch: Property Tax Freeze Update

Kathleen Wazny, Denton City Council, District 3
Kathleen Wazny, Denton City Council, District 3

The first taskforce meeting took place on April 11th at the Robson Ranch Clubhouse.  Over 150 people attended.  Many were turned away, because of limited seating, and many signed up to volunteer.

The two leaders of the taskforce are Shirley Johnson and Shirley Martin, both residents of Robson Ranch.

In order to freeze property taxes, this issue will go one of two paths:

(1)  The Denton City Council will vote to freeze property taxes for seniors


(2)  A citywide petition drive will commence in September, with a November or December end date, to put the issue on the local ballot for citywide voters in May 2017.

The Texas Constitution was amended in 2003 allowing for either of these two paths to freeze city, county, or junior college district property taxes for seniors. A “senior” is described as 65-years-old, or over, and living in a home described as “homesteaded.”

All eyes are on the petition drive.

On other matters regarding the City of Denton, its budget time this summer.  Increased property values have translated into increased revenues for the city.  So, now what?  Spend it?  Save it?  Reduce spending?  Seniors just received a $2.50 (yes, two dollars and fifty cents) a month increase in their Social Security checks.  So, it’s time to crunch the numbers at City Hall, and reduce spending.  I ask for your support with this reduction in spending.

I am championing the “Hands Free” driving law in Denton.  Our police department supports this change.  While we have a texting ban, it’s a law that’s hard to enforce.  It’s time to make the change to Hands Free.  With the technology available, it’s an easy thing to keep both eyes on the road, and both hands on the wheel.  If you must use a cell phone, use the technology available to allow Hands Free.  I ask for your support in this effort.  It comes back to City Council on August 16th.  Let’s save lives.

It’s an honor to serve.

Kathleen Wazny
[email protected]

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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