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Foodie Friday: Treat yourself to Epic Gelato

What better place to look for an epic sweet treat than a place called Epic Gelato? We’ve heard lots of buzz about Lakeside DFW’s gelato shop and have been anxiously awaiting a time where we could take a mid-day break and go try it out for ourselves! And our visit certainly did not disappoint.

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In addition to enjoying delicious gelato and coffee during our visit, we also had an extremely enlightening and inspiring conversation with the owner, Richard Baldwin, about his journey from working in a corporate IT environment to owning his own gelato shop.


While working abroad on a business trip in Rome several years back, Rich entered an Italian coffee and gelato shop where he unknowingly made the mistake of ordering his coffee to go. The Italian woman who owned the shop informed him that no one gets to take their coffee to-go in Italy and insisted that he sit at a table and take a moment to enjoy his coffee. She said to Rich, “I give this to you. No charge. Remember, you need to take a minute for yourself, every day.”

It was at that moment when the idea was planted in Rich’s mind to create a place here in the States where people could take a minute and just enjoy life, all while over a gourmet cup of coffee or a delicious cup of gelato.


Rich left the corporate world and attended culinary school where he learned how to make authentic Italian gelato, and then spent time studying with some of the best coffee roasters here in DFW.

All of that energy and research results in some truly authentic, fresh and delicious coffee and gelato at Epic Gelato. Even the water they serve is meticulously cared-for, being filtered through their high-tech filtration system where they actually add their own minerals to the water, making it like no water you’ve ever tasted before!

And because Rich makes the gelato using the authentic Italian preparation of hot process, it is always so creamy and smooth. And the chocolate and fruit they use in all of their gelatos is imported from Italy – so it’s like you’re truly eating gelato from Italy!


You can order your gelato in a cup or in a waffle cone, or you can even get it by the pint to take some home with you!


We also had the opportunity to try a prototype for one of Rich’s “coming soon” menu items – the Donato. What’s a Donato, you ask? Get ready for this… it’s a donut filled with gelato.  They piled on the gelato more than normal (Jay’s favorite white chocolate raspberry) And let me tell you, whenever Rich gets this perfected and on the menu, it will change your life forever. In the best way possible.


He has other great items coming soon as well, like Hand Forged Pops (gelato on a stick) and Gelato Cookies.

I love that Rich created Epic Gelato with so much thought and purpose behind it. He set out on a mission to create a place where people could “take a minute,” and he has achieved that. We saw several people while we were there drinking coffee while they read a book or chatted with friends, and that’s what I’m so excited that he has brought to our community.


So, we encourage you to get out soon and go take a minute for yourself to enjoy some coffee, pastries and gelato at Epic Gelato. Remember to tell Rich that we sent you, and then let us know what you think! I think you should invite us to come along.   Call Jay 817 477 9050.  There is nothing better than talking real estate and eating Epic Gelato.

*Epic Gelato is located at 2400 Lakeside Parkway Suite 100, Flower Mound TX 75022.


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