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Weir: McDaniel running for Flower Mound council

Bob Weir and Flower Mound Town Council candidate Don McDaniel.    (Photo and video by Netsky Rodriquez)
Bob Weir and Flower Mound Town Council candidate Don McDaniel. (Photo and video by Netsky Rodriquez)

With another Flower Mound Town Council election season about to begin, a couple of candidates have already gone public with their intention to run.

During a council meeting in December, Don McDaniel stepped up to the podium and declared his candidacy. A short time later, Place 2 Councilman Bryan Webb announced his intention to seek a third term.

Although the official application period runs from January 20 to February 19, it’s not a bad idea to let people know ahead of time that you have no qualms about stepping up to the plate early.

Last year, during a tumultuous campaign, McDaniel ran for a council seat, but his opponent, Kevin Bryant, was elected, along with two other council members.

One of them, Brian Rountree, has since resigned his seat, citing health issues. After several residents applied for the vacated seat, the council selected former Councilman Mark Wise, who was one of the applicants. Mr. Wise made it clear that he will hold the seat until voters select someone in the May election.

That means there will be a total of four positions up for election, the Mayor and three council seats. The person who is elected to fill the vacated seat will be able to hold it for one year, the amount of time left on Mr. Rountree’s original term of office. Then, if they decide to run for reelection, it will be for a full two-year term.

Don McDaniel sat for an interview to answer some questions about his views on governing in Flower Mound. In the video below, he talks about the progress of the River Walk, including the hotel, which is in the early stages of construction, and the growth of the Lakeside community. He also speaks about his vision for our town and what he feels is the most important issue facing residents in the coming years.


Bob Weir
Bob Weir
Bob Weir is a former NYPD officer, long-time Flower Mound resident and former local newspaper editor.

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