Gelbman: By any means necessary… How to regain control in Flower Mound

Itamar Gelbman, Place 5, Flower Mound Town Council.
Itamar Gelbman, Place 5, Flower Mound Town Council.

by Itamar Gelbman

Editor’s Note: Immediately following the Dec. 7 Town Council meeting, Itamar Gelbman released a statement about the investigation and the official report. It is reproduced as written, without corrections. Content of a personal, non-investigative nature has been deleted for libel law considerations. Warning: Contains strong language.

The town of Flower Mound’s city council has reached a new low in their attempt to invalidate the voice of the people of Flower Mound. Former councilman Rountree and myself who ran under the platform for responsible growth and won by a significant margin had sought an investigation into possible ethical violation against Council-Member Webb who had openly admitted to disclosing information from executive session to his friends.

Instead this investigation was turned into a corrupt mechanism where the seasoned council members have used their experience and influence to regain their control of council.

The investigation was used to intimate Former Councilman Brian Rountree. Shortly after the investigation begun, Mr. Rountree was hospitalized for stress related illness and eventually resigned his position.

I was not intimidated by their threats and posturing and held strong against their best efforts to discredit me.

Now that these councilmen have tried to put their final nail in the coffin of those that support responsible growth. They have voted to support a biased and deceitful investigator’s finding that he has “evidence” against me for allegedly violating the town Ethics. This supposed evidence is nothing more than testimony of angered and vengeful resident* who became aggressive after I refused to be party to his desire to obtain illegal steroids for his own use via my wife (A licensed veterinarian).

I received the following text message from this resident “Does {my wife’s first name} ever use Deca Durabolin in her practice? It is a steroid also called nandrolone decanoate. My doctor said surgery is no longer option for my knees and too young for replacement. He said Deca is known to relieve pain but it cannot be prescribed for humans unless they have HIV or bone disease.  So my question is this, is there any reason my “dog” might need these injections?”

After I refused this request he became irrational and threatening towards me. For months he threaten to use physical violence against me and to get me thrown in jail. Such aggressive behavior is evidence in a post he wrote on Council-Member Webb’s daughter facebook page “You and your family have been an example of how to handle asshole bullies. I am embarrass for our town but I’d literally choke some of those idiots unconscious for your dad.”

Thus there remains no legitimate evidence against me for I have done nothing wrong and I am innocent.  I stand steadfast in my position to act as an ethical representative for our town and the residence of Flower Mound.”

* Editor’s Note: Content of a personal, non-investigative nature has been deleted for libel law considerations.

CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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