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argyle police logo croppedThe following is a summary of incident reports recently made to the Argyle Police Department as compiled by the staff of The CTG:

An officer responded to a call that a barn had been broken into and equipment had been stolen over the previous week on Skyline Drive.

A motorist reported a grey Infinity and black Mazda racing over 100 mph on northbound I-35W. The Denton PD was notified as the vehicles left Argyle’s jurisdiction.

A reckless driver in a blue Honda CRV was observed crossing the yellow line, then almost drove off the road before swerving into oncoming traffic. The driver was taken into custody at FM 1830 and Hickory Hill Rd.

Police were called regarding a 37-year-old woman who was “drunk and had her baby with her in the car.” The caller added that the woman has a history of alcohol addiction and has twice attempted suicide. The caller had taken the car keys away from the woman and had possession of the child; the family was contacted, as was her AA sponsor. Responding fire officials confirmed the woman was heavily intoxicated and on muscle-relaxer pills but hadn’t attempted or threatened suicide.

A woman contacted police reporting what she believed was a scam call. The man who had called told her she won $1.8 million dollars and a white Mercedes, but they needed her to leave her house and go to an unknown location and pay the $350 shipping charge for the vehicle. She hung up the phone on the scammers. In the following two days, there were three more reports of similar scam calls.

Police responded to a noise complaint regarding a construction site in the 500 block of Hearth Ter. The officer could hear the music from the road over the construction noise. The foreman was informed of the ordinance relating to noise and the music was turned down.

A call came in from a man who said that he is drunk and didn’t want to drive. He added that he doesn’t know where he parked his truck anyway. The caller said he doesn’t want to get in trouble and asked for help; but to please not to send flashing lights as it may make him go crazy. When help arrived, the caller was crying and requested his AA sponsor. He went voluntary with medics to get checked out.

Two vehicles were reportedly driving erratically on northbound I-35W at the 77-mile marker. A white VW Jetta and a silver Toyota Camry were weaving in-and-out of traffic, and then came close together as the drivers hit each other’s car with their hands. The vehicles continued north into Denton PD’s jurisdiction.

A vehicle traveling eastbound on Crawford Rd. lost control, spun across the westbound lanes, struck a tree and then pushed a speed survey sign over. No one was around the vehicle when police arrived. The owner and his grandson arrived. The grandson stated his grandfather was driving at the time of the crash. The police officer talked to his grandfather who could not give correct information on how the crash happened. The grandfather then admitted that his grandson was driving the car and that he was not with him. The grandson continued to deny driving, until his grandfather told him he had told the officer the truth. The grandson then admitted to driving the vehicle at the time of the crash and stated he didn’t want to get into trouble for driving on a suspended license. Both subjects were warned for lying and that they could be arrested for giving a false report. The grandson was issued a citation for driving while his license was suspended.

A caller said she had information about a man who killed three women in San Diego, Cali. The elderly caller said the information was “weighing on her conscious.”

CTG Staff
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