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OPEN LETTER: Dixon says Rountree’s accusations are false

Flower Mound Town Councilmen Brian Rountree and Steve Dixon (Photos Courtesy: Town of Flower Mound).
Flower Mound Town Councilmen Brian Rountree and Steve Dixon (Photos Courtesy: Town of Flower Mound).

Mr. Stathatos,

At the September 8, 2015 Flower Mound Town Council meeting Councilman Brian Rountree made a claim during Item F – ANNOUNCEMENTS that he had in his possession stacks of information from the highest and most credible sources supporting the accusations he made that night against myself, other sitting and former town council members.

In an effort to make this communication open and accessible to all residents of Flower Mound, I have not copied the investigator, my personal attorney or the town attorney on this email communication.

Please forward this communication to Ross Foster (the attorney engaged in the current investigation), Bryn Meredith (town attorney), all members of town council as well as Mark Wood (who Mr. Rountree mentioned with my personal accusation), Fire Chief Greaser (since Mr. Rountree mentioned the Fire Department) and the town secretary’s office for additional reference and record keeping.

I request Mr. Rountree produce this stack of information and provide all information to Mr. Foster to review to determine if I or anyone has violated any laws, ordinance or charter. I would with fiscal reluctance welcome the opportunity to expand the scope of the investigation to ensure full disclosure to the citizens of Flower Mound is complete.

As to the accusation Mr. Rountree made against me at the September 8, 2015 [“As a new council member Mr. Dixon routinely walked around town hall talking with Mark Wood about economic development projects making him uncomfortable and finally making him complain to the town manager at that time”]. This statement/accusation made by Mr. Rountree is completely false and I am confident that Mr. Wood will confirm when he is interviewed by Mr. Ross (the investigator).

In conclusion, I forgive Mr. Rountree for believing and repeating the inaccurate information he received from someone else and the intent on impugning my reputation and service to our town.


Steve Dixon
PS: I was first elected to Flower Mound Town Council in May 2009 – at that time Melissa Glasgow was the Town’s Economic Development Director.

Mark Wood was named Flower Mound Economic Development Director in October

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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