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Argyle Police Blotter – February 2015

4-10 argyle_pd_patch-cropThe following is a summary of incident reports recently made to the Argyle Police Department as compiled by the staff of the CTG:

Some children were ringing doorbells and leaving in the 100 block of Crooked Cove when an adult chased down one of them, an 11-year-old, and allegedly assaulted him, causing a busted lip, according to police.

A man called the sheriff’s county dispatchers during a weekend, telling them he needed an officer to call him back to get information on a ticket issued to him by Argyle police. The man told dispatchers his ex-wife wouldn’t give him the paperwork, which would have told him the court date. Dispatchers told the man repeatedly that he would need to wait until Monday to talk with the Argyle Police Department and that they did not have the information he needed.

A black Suzuki SUV sitting in front of a port-a-potty in the 400 block of Bent Creek Cove was reported as being abandoned after being at the location for two weeks. The vehicle registration had expired.

A caller spotted nine to 10 deer standing in a ditch at the 79 mile marker of I-35-W and called police, unsure if they were wild or belonged to a ranch in the area.

Teen-age boys were reported doing donuts in the Argyle High School parking lot. The vehicles were described as dark-colored pickups and an SUV. Another caller reported on a different date that a red pickup, white Cadillac and a black pickup were driving at high speeds in the high school parking lot and being “very loud.”

A motorcyclist was spotted lying on the ground in the center of Crawford Road and Hwy 377. The 16-year-old was conscious and breathing as drivers began calling police and directing traffic. The motorcycle, which had fallen on the teen’s leg, was lifted off. The teenager had been wearing a helmet and full riding gear.

Four rifle shots in a row rang out, prompting an individual to call police to a range off FM 1171 near the Canyon Falls area. Caller told dispatchers it could be people shooting hogs off the roadway. Police responded but did not find anything. The local game warden was also notified.

In the 100 block of Frenchtown Road, witnesses told police one driver ran another driver off the road at Hwy 377 and Stone Crest. The two men exited their vehicles and began arguing. The argument escalated into a fight with one man pinning the other down and both rolling on the grass. One of the men suffered a shoulder injury and was treated by medics.

A teen-age boy was spotted laying down in the middle of a road and then getting up and walking eastbound on FM 1173 along the shoulder barefoot and wearing a black jacket and pants. When asked if he was OK, the teenager said he had just woken up. A constable was later seen talking to the teenager. An officer then waited for the teenager’s parent, who had been looking for him.

A woman called police in the 300 block of Boonesville Bend to report that the driver of an 18-wheeler was driving down the middle of the road and wouldn’t let her pass.

A woman in the 400 block of Dallas Street called police to tell them she received a “fake” call from a representative trying to get her to pay a late bill of $4,000, claiming she was seven months behind on payments. After checking with her bank and the credit company, she was told the call was scam targeting older people.

A resident reported someone called their home on Sam Davis Road pretending to be with the Internal Revenue Service, which is a known scam. The caller gave police the telephone numbers of the individuals who called the residence.

A real estate agent with a listing in the 700 block of John Wells Court told police someone keeps stealing her signs.

A resident on Skyline Drive reported a neighbor’s dog jumped the fence and injured his dog, causing it to have puncture wounds and a limp. The dog owner was out of town, so the resident talked to the dog sitter. He called police to file a complaint in case the incident goes to court.

An unknown vehicle hit the retaining wall on Cook Street at the Argyle ISD bus barn, prompting employees to notify police.

A caller told police they spotted a toddler left unattended in the back seat of a vehicle at the Argyle Post Office. The child had been left unattended for at least three minutes when the individual notified police. The caller said they planned to stay with the vehicle until the driver returned and would detain the driver until police arrived.

A resident in the 300 block of Wooded Court reported his 13-year-old son had been bitten by a pit bull/boxer mixed breed. The resident took his son to the emergency room and called police upon his return home.

A caller told police they saw a flat screen TV on the side of the road off Harpole Road and wanted to alert them in case it was stolen. No record of a serial number was found on the TV.

Police tried to locate a woman screaming at the top of her lungs near Stonecrest Road after a caller reported hearing her around 8:30 p.m. Several attempts to locate the person, who was heard by several people, were unsuccessful.

A man notified police to tell them that someone was calling his mother in Argyle to say they were from the Argyle Police Department and that she had a parking ticket she needed to pay. The man was told that the scam was a common tactic.

A man told police he had received credit card applications that have been denied for a woman that does not live at his residence on Country Lakes Boulevard. The man said he has received numerous items to her attention in the mail and keeps returning them. Police told him to notify the post office.

A patrol officer spotted what appeared to be a teenage male climbing onto the roof of the pool area on Country Lakes Boulevard. An individual in a nearby vehicle attempted to drive off when the officer appeared claiming to have no knowledge of the roof climber. The officer rechecked the area and was unable to spot the teenage male again.

During a traffic stop at Fort Worth and Fairway drives, an officer checked the identity of the driver, who admitted speeding. A check on the identity revealed the individual was listed as a violent sex offender. The man told police he’d been living at the address on his driver’s license for four to five years though a check indicated he was registered at a different address in Denton. The Denton Police Department was notified.

A woman spotted a driver’s license in the parking lot of a restaurant off Hwy 377 and turned it in to police, who then left messages for the owner to stop by and pick up his identification.

A man in a black Dodge vehicle has been seen several times on the service road of I-35-W, telling people he is from Houston, that his car has broken down and he needs help. The caller, who gave him $40 in November, reported he has seen the man three times since and wanted to report the scam to police.

A silent alarm/panic button was accidentally set off during a Town Hall meeting. An employee told police it was accidental and that nothing was amiss.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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