New postive West Nile mosquito sample in Flower Mound

The Flower Mound Environmental Health Services Division confirmed a mosquito sample collected in the 4800 block of Windmill Lane in Bridlewood tested positive for the West Nile virus on Friday.

The positive test is the ninth positive mosquito sample found in Flower Mound this year. More than 43 positive tests were reported countywide as of Sept. 24, the latest numbers updated by county officials.

Flower Mound officials have scheduled spraying operations in an approximate one-half square-mile radius surrounding the specified area between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Monday through Wednesday.

Brandy Black, who lives behind a creek in Flower Mound, said she spotted a dead bird in the backyard and a few in the field. On Sept. 7, she began feeling ill and very tired.

“All I wanted to do was sleep,” she said. Fever and feeling achy all over soon followed.

After suffering for more than a week, she went to the doctor and was tested, finding out a week later than she suffered meningitis caused by West Nile Fever.

“It was very scary because I didn’t know anything about it,” Black said. “You always hear of other people getting it.”

A mother of two boys, 4 and 10-months-old, she battled the ongoing headaches but couldn’t take anything due to a pregnancy.

She suggests others take precautions to keep from getting West Nile Virus.

“I was definitely too lenient,” she said. 

Residents in the area are being notified and community signs will be at major intersections within the neighborhood.

Town officials advise residents to minimize exposure when possible, including the following:
• Stay indoors during spraying events if possible
• If outside or in a vehicle during this time, be alert for the spraying truck and maintain a safe distance
• If the spray should contact skin or eyes, wash skin with soap and water, and rinse eyes with water or saline solution
• Close windows
• Wash exposed fruits and vegetables before eating


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