Letter: Judge Margaret Barnes' service a testament

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Judge Margaret Barnes’ service as Judge of 367th District Court in Denton County is a testament to her education, ethical excellence, and experience.

She attended Southern Methodist University School of Law, achieving her Juris Doctor in 1985.

Judge Barnes is admitted to practice law before the Eastern and Northern United States courts, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court.  She is one of only 797 out of 95,000 attorneys in Texas that is board certified in family law.

Judge Barnes has never had a client file a grievance against her, nor had a grievance filed against her as a judge.

Her judicial experience since 1992 includes Municipal Court Alternate Judge (Carrollton and Flower Mound), Probate Court Master, Judge of the Denton County Court at Law #2 and Presiding Judge of the 367th District Court since 2010.  District courts handle felony criminal law cases, civil matters and all family laws cases.

Her board certification in family law is of special importance as she deals with the complexity of child support cases, Child Protective Services, termination of parental rights and adoptions. Her experience is essential as she is the voice for children who are there through no fault of their own, bearing the burden of adult decisions by both their parents and the state. Not entering the courtroom with an agenda, her wisdom gained by 29 years of service, is balanced by her respect for the rule of law.

Preserve the integrity of the 367th District Court. Vote for Judge Margaret Barnes.

Bill Lawson
Denton, TX

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