Tutor Doctor: Your answer to in-home tutoring

In the education mecca of North Texas, Robert Flandrau is offering a unique service for both students needing help and those who like to provide it.

Through Tutor Doctor, Robert can help make an educational difference with the convenience of providing tutoring in the comfort of your own home.

The tutors, who are carefully selected complete with criminal background and reference checks, are matched to students in terms of skills and personality to make the learning experience a successful one.

Whether it is for an adult taking higher learning courses, a high school student studying for college prep exams or a student struggling with particular subjects or with learning challenges, Tutor Doctor offers help at an affordable price and with the flexibility to meet your busy schedule.

When you first call, Robert meets with you and the student to assess what the needs are and even has quick tests to determine the way each student learns best – whether auditory, visual or kinesthetic.  He also works to match the personalities of each tutor and student to create the best learning environment. 

With an estimated cost of $49 to $59 per hour, the selected tutor comes to your home to meet with the student, first offering academic skills coaching by teaching time management and then working on the selected topics. In addition, students and parents will have access to TD/24-7 – an online supplemental education program for grades 3-12.

“We work strictly with what the school is teaching,” Robert said, adding it is important to keep consistency for students to enhance learning.

Robert, who commuted to work for years, realized after having a child that families can be stretched and stressed for time.  “We help families reduce stress, time spent outside of the home, improve the quality of life and help the student.”

If you are looking for convenient tutoring assistance or if you are someone interested in tutoring, be sure to call Robert at 469-645-6025 or send an email to [email protected]

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