The A's team

Argyle High School recognized students Monday for academic excellence during this school year.

The following students were recognized for being on the “A” honor role: Allyson Book, Benjamin Brown, Ryan Brown, Jared Byer, Monica Canizares, Bridget Church, Catherine Clark, Davis Coughlan, Jordan Coke, Michael Coker, Allison Crecelius, Charles Davis, Shannon Gallagher, Allyson Gant, Madison Gladys, Josh Goodpater, Matthew Goodpaster, Jack Graham, Matthew Hayden, Kathryn Harrington, Daniel Howell, Ben Irons, Sarah Irons, Megan Manos, Rhiannon Mohar,Tate Mosier, Portales, Jessica, Catherine Read, Brooke Ridenour, Samantha Rider, Jonathon Rodgers, Meghan Starteri, Marshall Stiles, Kimberly Strelke, Trey Torno, Emily Volk, Collin Wallace, Michael Wallace, Emma Welsh, Cheyanne Winn, Annamarie Woolums, and Emily Young.

The following students were awarded for being in the top ten of their class (each class listed in alphabetical order):

Seniors: Jonathon Clark, Tyler Dodd, Valerie Evans, Joshua Goodpaster, Sarah Irons, Jacquelyn Kerner, Zoe Koczo, Sarah Olsen, Benjamin Woolums, and Connor York.

Juniors: Ashley Book, Bridget Church, Davis Coughlan, Peyton Hutchinson, Connor Kane, Blake Lyle, Kara Peak, Marshall Stiles, Trey Torno, and Michael Wallace.

Sophomores: Monica Canizares, Allilson Gant, Matthew Goodpaster, Jack Graham, Kathryn Harrington, Matthew Hayden, Benjamin Irons, Bailey McClure, Kelsey Peiser, and Kimberly Strelke.

Freshmen: Allyson Book, Benjamin Brown, Michael Coker, Carley Johnson, Megan manos, Rhiannon Mohar, Jessica Portales, Samantha Rider, Jonathon Rodgers, and Emily Volk.

Seniors Ryan Brown, Tyler Eveleth, and Cara Riddle were recognized for having perfect attendance all four years of high school.


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