Local real estate firm launches campaign of giving for seniors

Bartonville-based Victor Myers Real Estate has become the first corporate lifetime patron of SIM Auxiliary Inc., the nonprofit fundraiser supporting Flower Mound’s Seniors in Motion program.

The company’s $500 donation is part of a campaign of giving that has included a $500 matching grant to the Flower Mound Santa Cops program; a cookout that raised more than $2,500 for PediPlace, the nonprofit Lewisville children’s clinic; and the adoption of a family in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

Remembering their own families’ struggles as children, Victor Myers and Bryan Hutchinson have incorporated a culture of giving into their custom homebuilding and real estate companies.

“The business model we established assists us in doing exactly this,” said Mr. Hutchinson, president of the real estate company. “With each dollar earned we have specified percentages that go toward making this world a better place.”

Recognizing the growing need for senior services in Flower Mound, Mr. Myers and Mr. Hutchinson have identified SIM Auxiliary as a worthy recipient as the group raises funds for a standalone senior center in Flower Mound.

“We are so grateful for this gift,” said Mary Kay Walker, president of SIM Auxiliary. “We have had a good year. The Seniors in Motion program is communicating to us their needs as the town remodels the building at Morriss Road and Cross Timbers, and we’re pleased to be able to begin providing that support.

“It’s our intention that anything purchased with these funds be transportable to a permanent senior center in the future,” she continued. “We also want to ensure that Victor Myers Real Estate will always be recognized as an early, generous supporter.”

Victor Myers Real Estate agents Noelle Claassen and Adrienne Kieschnick presented the $500 check to Mrs. Walker and SIM Auxiliary treasurer Leo Gonya on Dec. 14 at Seniors in Motion’s Golden Lounge at the Flower Mound Community Activity Center.

Ms. Claassen and Ms. Kieschnick plan to continue the Victor Myers tradition of giving through a referral program of their own. For every referral that mentions Seniors in Motion and results in a closing, the agents will donate another $250 to the SIM Auxiliary.

The company’s mortgage partner is promising a similar referral donation of $300 for each new mortgage or refinancing. For contact information, call 214-636-6829 or see www.victormyers.com.

SIM Auxiliary recognizes donors as Lifetime Patrons at the $500 level; Friends, $1,000; Benefactors, $5,000; and Founders, $10,000.

“We intend to continue moving up the ladder,” Mr. Hutchinson said with a smile. “Seniors move to this area every week to be near children and grandchildren, and the current residents get older every year. We want to help them with their housing needs and, through our donations, with senior community services.”

Pictured above: Victor Myers Real Estate agents Noelle Claassen (from left) and Adrienne Kieschnick presented a $500 check to SIM Auxiliary president Mary Kay Walker and treasurer Leo Gonya at the Seniors in Motion room at the Flower Mound Community Activity Center in December.

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