Sunday, September 25, 2022

Single issue candidates are dangerous

I have lived in Flower Mound for 33 years and I never expected to see a local election produce this kind of soap opera intrigue.  It seems that the anti-gas folks are attempting to paint Smith, Robinson, and Webb as unworthy because they own mineral rights and exercised their right to lease thier minerals. It also seems that other side is painting Northern, Filidoro and Lyda as inexperienced liberals who will stop all development and raise taxes. I guess the messages are just a part of politics in America, but I received an email that makes me sit back and take note.  The email was from one of the self-proclaimed founders of a local facebook group supporting “NFL” The email encouraged me to vote for NFL candidates but they also wanted me to vote against Proposition 1 that world provide a better soccer field facility at no cost to Flower Mound tax payers. Single issue groups are dangerous, but single issue candidates are much more dangerous. I will be supporting Smith, Robinson and Webb.

Steve Stum
Flower Mound, TX

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