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Coach Kelli: Biggest Loser Inspires Flower Mound Man to Lose Big

Pat McCarrell was constantly tired and mentally exhausted every day. Up until he reached his middle 30’s he was somewhat active, engaging in an occasional workout, a round of golf and a season of softball.  As he progressed into his late 30’s, activity declined substantially as his focus moved to his three children and a demanding corporate schedule.  He found himself weighing over 300 pounds.

Pat would plan to work out, but something else would take priority.  He always felt guilty for not exercising, but never guilty enough to actually work out.

Watching an episode of The Biggest Loser, he saw himself on the screen…fat, out of shape and unhappy. In desperation, he purchased one of their on-demand workouts.  He lasted a grand total of 15 minutes before total exhaustion. That was the moment Pat realized something had to change. 

Pat knew he needed a workout buddy to get him out the door every morning and interestingly enough, he choose his mother-in-law Carol.  She instantly took the commitment as seriously as Pat and embraced the potential for achievement. Pat says, “For 17 years, I watched my mother-in-law try gyms, classes and personal trainers.  Nothing seemed right for her”. 

Pat then searched Boot Camps in Flower Mound online and it led him to the Argyle Adventure Boot Camp. He registered them both that night.  More than anything, he wanted to be able to enjoy a healthy life again.

Patrick recalls his first experiences with camp, “With high hopes, I showed up the first morning and it was physically challenging, but the group of guys was exceptionally encouraging.  I won’t lie, it was extremely difficult and I couldn’t believe how out of shape I was.  It was a mental and physical battle to complete the first day.  I never imagined all the productive physical activity you could do in a parking lot with a mat and two 15 pound weights. 

“I saw results in the very first few days of camp and it was a great feeling.  I began to feel alive for the first time in a long time.  Just finishing a mile run was a huge accomplishment. I became addicted to the success I achieved at camp and so did my mother-in-law.  She was running for the first time and affirmed that boot camp was the perfect solution for her.

“Next, I was encouraged by Coach Kelli to get a physical to determine my overall health and baseline.  Doctors discovered I have a pituitary tumor that would have gone undetected had I not joined boot camp. My father-in-law was then diagnosed with cancer.  Thankfully we are both being treated with a positive prognosis and the entire family is on track to eat and live healthier.  Physical exercise is a staple for the household.  We want our kids to think of exercise like brushing your teeth, something you do every day”. 

Pat acknowledges that Coach Brad is a huge inspiration.

“Just knowing Brad is preparing a great workout for us is enough motivation to get me out of bed.  Brad’s individual attention and group exercises are nothing like anything I have been a part of before. The workouts and exercises combine martial arts, sports drills, power lifting moves, plyometic exercises, stretching (which most men hate, but need) as well as athletic conditioning.  It’s like nothing I have seen from another trainer. 

“I have achieved things I didn’t think were possible after age 40, like wearing pants I have not worn in 10 years or being able to play with my kids without running out of air.  I started camp at 319 pounds and I am now at 290.  I’ve dropped 2 pant sizes and I feel great.  I can’t explain the feeling you get at 6:30am, knowing your workout is done and you can go out and conqueror the world. No guilt for the rest of the day. I want to be in better shape at 45 than I was at 35 and I am well on my way.

“I would tell the guys (and gals) out there to come be part of the gang.  Don’t worry about where you are physically now, just show up and do your best.  If you enjoy a team environment with individual attention from Brad, then what are you waiting for?  Boot camp is for you. Thanks for everything Coach Kelli and Brad!  I feel like I have my life back.  I feel great!

To join Pat and the other men and women of Denton County who are making a difference in their fitness, go to or call 817-490-1296 and join today.  

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