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Lantana woman looking forward to celebrating major milestone

Like so many others, Theresa Marrapodi moved to North Texas to be closer to family. Next month, they will share in her becoming a centenarian.

Her 100th birthday is Aug. 6, two days after a private party to recognize the milestone. She will be joined by daughters MaryAnn Cipperly, Annette Smith, and Theresa Pennypacker among others. She has lived with Cipperly in Lantana since 2012 after several years in Flower Mound. Since 2019, they have been neighbors with Smith and for the entire time near Pennypacker in Argyle. One other child – son Frank – lives in Pennsylvania.

Affectionately known as “Momma T” to her friends and neighbors, Marrapodi said the way people talk and the weather are what she noticed were different in Texas.

“I’ve grown to like it,” said Marrapodi, who has five grandchildren and two great grandchildren.”

All originally from New York State, the family began moving to the Texas after Marrapodi’s husband Leo died in 1993. Theresa came to Texas from Colorado in the 1990s. Soon thereafter, MaryAnn and her late husband Ed transferred with American Airlines.

The youngest of five children, she was age 3 when her father died and 14 when her mother passed away and was headed to a foster home when an older sister stepped in to take care of her. Before she married, Marrapodi worked for the U.S. Navy and a liquor company. After raising her family, she went back to work at a bank.

Today, Marripodi remains active through shopping, dining, watching television, visiting with neighbors, and playing Hand and Foot card games every Tuesday at the Flower Mound Senior Center.

“She has a great memory,” Cipperly said. “And she has a great memory for math. She uses an iPad. She uses a cell phone. She watches Wheel of Fortune every night. And she still balances her check book.

“We’re very proud of her. She’s never let anything get her down. Her greatest quality is her positivity.”

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