Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Northlake Notes — July 2024

Summer is upon us in Northlake. We are grateful as a region to have had a lot of rain this spring, however as we continue on less rain is expected. Please be aware of the regional water restrictions that we have from our provider. These restrictions have been placed upon the region not as a result of not having enough water, as they have plenty. This is a direct result of our region’s rapid growth and the limited capacity to treat water from the reservoirs to deliver clean, potable water to our communities all around Denton County. I was updated that Denton County is growing by about 100 residents a day, making us the third-fastest growing county in the nation. These rules also benefit the town directly, helping us to not increase our subscription rate to our providers which would potentially cause a sooner-than-expected rate increase. Please be mindful of your irrigation use and schedules.

To help with this, the council recently authorized the purchase of 200 more “irrigation checkups” in addition to the free ones our community is eligible for each year. Upper Trinity provides an irrigation system check-up with a licensed professional irrigator at no charge. This will help you directly save money on your water bill. The residents that have used this service have been thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail and the amount they have learned from the process. Sign up here.

With the 4th of July weekend upon us, please be mindful that fireworks are not legal within Northlake or any towns near us without a permit. This includes within 5,000 feet of the Northlake town limits, including Harvest. On a positive note, I have been working with our neighbor at the Hilltop Truck Park to arrange for a commercial 4th of July fireworks celebration in partnership with the Town, scheduled for July 6. Most northern communities in Northlake will be able to view this from the comfort of their homes and I encourage you to do this to avoid traffic issues on FM 407. Please do not stop on 407 to view the display as there is not a suitable shoulder to park on. I hope this helps your family enjoy the 4th of July weekend as we celebrate our nation’s independence.

Council is diligently working on next year’s budget and will next meet on Thursday, July 25th at 5:30 p.m.

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