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Stroup: Fool that I am, I thought I was safe!

And just when I thought it was over! I was commenting to my husband the other day how you seldom hear about COVID as the news hasn’t had much to say. There doesn’t seem to be any room for COVID updates what with the rest of life getting in the way. Consider all the petty political tirades, lawsuits at large, horrendous hostility by hooligans with handguns. And last, but certainly not least, how many wars are being waged in every corner of the world? So really, how high up on the media’s food chain can COVID be?

I must admit I’ve become somewhat complacent about washing my hands. Used to be my skin was in a constant state of chaff from all the scrubbing and half-baked drying I did. That was when meticulous hygiene was in high demand. Don’t get me wrong, I do continue to lather up. I just don’t go running for the “kills 99% of all germs” pump. If it’s handy I grab it. And I’m religious about using the hand wipes available at the entrance to many stores. Always wipe the handle down on the cart…you see I truly do try to remain germ smart.

So when I began having multiple sneeze attacks it was easy to blame them on the pollen saturating the spring air. This combined with a stuffy nose gave me no reason to care. But when my throat began to feel like I’d swallowed gravel and losing my voice soon followed…well a bit of a panic welled up in my head. No wait, that was a throbbing headache instead. Something was making me hot. Uh oh, hot I was not. I was clammy and starting to chill. Somebody please I really need pills!

Too tired to go to a clinic I crashed in a recliner and waited one day. Urgent Care is a fabulous place and in a very short while they diagnosed my case. Yep, it was COVID! One of the questions I was asked: “Have you had all your shots?” (like I was a dog or a cat.) My answer was, “Yes, boosters included, I have had all of them. So why am I coughing up all this green phlegm?” They gave me two prescriptions for pills, two kinds for cough medicines, a pat on the head and said, “Get plenty of rest.” I found that advice to be the best.

It was a few miserable days before I no longer felt punk but by the end of a week I was over the hump. First thing I did was get the box of masks from my glove compartment. I laid them on the passenger’s side, stuffed some in my purse and around the house far and wide.

All of this time my husband had steered clear. He kept a safe distance and wouldn’t come near…like that was going to protect him, poor naïve dear. And surenuf just a couple of days later he started displaying the same symptoms, only greater. We knew he had caught it even though he had fought it. Our Easter flew by much to our chagrin. Church was out of the question and we couldn’t see family or friends. Whatever Easter feasts people were sharing it mattered not to us. Just our luck. We couldn’t taste or smell. This Easter Sunday was simply a bust.

So here’s the bottom line when it comes to this disease
Be on guard and be aware that it truly never leaves.
There is simply No Way to avoid its grip.
On a multitude of surfaces it will slyly sit,
Or hover about in invisible clouds of air.
COVID germs will continue to thrive and to lurk ~ they’re everywhere!

C. Stroup
C. Stroup
Cindy Stroup is a Double Oak resident and has been contributing to The Cross Timbers Gazette for over 30 years. Read her column each month in The Cross Timbers Gazette newspaper.

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