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Unlocking Success: Your New Door emerges as industry leader

Billy Cline has never been afraid to reach for the seemingly unreachable. A longtime door repair and installation specialist, Cline went out on his own 16 years ago with one or two helpers and a modest goal of simply making an honest living. But like most things in life, one thing led to another, and his unique skill set proved far more valuable to residents than he thought.

That fledgling company, established initially as DFW Door Repair in 2008, now has more than 30 employees and has been rebranded to Your New Door to align with its local popularity and expanding national presence as America’s No. 1 residential door company.

“Three years ago, we only had six or seven people working here,” Cline said proudly. “We’ve doubled in size every year since, and besides being committed to always doing the right thing for our customers, that’s what we are focused on right now — growth. I always say I’ll keep going until we reach the horizon. But once you think you’re close, the horizon moves. So, we’ll keep going.

“I can see a scenario where we have 100 employees by the end of next year.”

Your New Door’s rise to prominence is mainly due to its versatility. When most people have interior or exterior door problems, they assume a replacement is the only option to maintain their home’s security, functionality, and aesthetics. Your New Door does plenty of that; in fact, Cline and his team manufacture all their residential doors in-house at a 15,000-square-foot facility in Irving. But there are just as many situations where a repair is the best solution. They fix various door issues, from common misalignments and replacing weatherstripping to fixing door jams, repairing forced entry damage, threshold replacement, door rot, and more.

With thousands of door replacements and repairs under their belt, Your New Door is your solutions expert for any door, including custom doors, pet doors, French doors, wood doors, fiberglass doors, iron and steel doors, and window-to-door conversions.

“We have a team of amazing craftsmen, and that’s all they do — make doors,” Cline said. “But it’s more than that. We pride ourselves on offering a full range of door services and the ability to provide accurate, over-the-phone quotes to reduce the number of trips we need to make to help someone. To do what we do as quickly as we do it is a huge benefit to our customers.”

Cline, who lives in Bartonville with his wife, Jennifer, has always had a heart for helping people. He grew up watching his father and grandfather build and remodel houses, and it wasn’t long before he was right there by their side. From there, he transitioned to residential door installations with Home Depot. He spent several years learning everything he could about repairs and replacements, then ventured out on his own.

“Before I started my own company, a customer told me, ‘You should go out and do your own thing.’ As we did that and got better and better at what we were doing, we realized there was a real opportunity to create something special — a family,” Cline said. Two of his three sons, Brian and Brandon, and his daughter-in-law, Grace, also work for the company. “One thing that’s always been important to me is culture. It’s important that each customer’s experience with us reflects our internal culture. Your brand isn’t a logo or a website … it’s what people say after you’ve left and they’ve experienced your services. I want them to know we care — we want to serve people through our knowledge of doors and give them the customer service they deserve.”

As for the future, Cline believes the sky is the limit for Your New Door. What started as a DFW-based service extends to all corners of the Metroplex and now has the agility to design, distribute, install, and repair residential doors nationwide. Your New Door has the best system and hires the best people, and everyone in America should experience getting one of their doors.

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