Monday, September 25, 2023

Just the Facts with Mayor Ron Robertson — September 2023

Copper Canyon continues to make progress on getting our police department up and running. Staff has submitted the law enforcement agency application to the state of Texas to create our police department. It will take about 30 days for the state to review the application. Once the state approves the application, the town can apply for a grant that will cover start-up costs which would include but not limited to, police uniforms, radios, vehicles and equipment.

Our team is currently reviewing drawings of the police department addition to the Town Hall which includes exterior, interior elevations floor plans, and additional parking. The final construction drawings are estimated to be completed in October. The next step is to take the project out for bid in November or December.

On August 14, the Town Council accepted the submission of the No-New-Revenue and Voter Approval tax rate calculations. What does this mean?

The proposed tax rate will remain the same as the 2022 rate of $0.277505 per $100 valuation.

How does the proposed tax rate $0.277505 per $100 tax break down?

  • No-New-Revenue Tax Rate: $0.235638 per $100
  • Voter-Approval Tax Rate: $0.243774 per $100
  • De Minimis Rate: $0.333670 per $100
  • No-New-Revenue Tax Rate is the tax rate for the 2023 tax year that will raise the same amount of property tax revenue from the same properties in both the 2022 and the 2023 tax year.
  • Voter-Approval Rate is the highest tax rate that Copper Canyon may adopt without holding an election to seek voter approval of the rate, unless the De Minimis Rate for Copper Canyon exceeds the Voter-Approval Rate.
  • De Minimis Rate is the rate equal to the sum of the No-New-Revenue Maintenance and Operations Rate, the rate that will raise $500,000, and the current debt rate Copper Canyon.
  • The proposed tax rate is greater than the No-New-Revenue Tax Rate. This means that Copper Canyon is proposing to increase property taxes for the 2023 tax year.

A public hearing on the proposed tax rate will be held on September 25, at 7 p.m. at Town Hall Council Room Chambers 400 Woodland Drive, Copper Canyon, TX 75077.

For assistance with tax calculations, please contact the tax assessor for the Copper Canyon at 940-241-2677 or visit for more information.

Just a reminder! Denton County is currently under a Countywide Burn Ban and encourages citizens to be diligent about all activities which could start a grass fire: no burning, no tossing cigarette butts out car windows, no dragging tow chains, driving on grass. For more info go to

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CTG Staff
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