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Eads: Economic development drives the future

Economic development is the engine that drives a growing, dynamic county like ours where our ever-expanding population can live, work and play in a place they have chosen to call home.

I am excited to announce that, so far this past fiscal year, Denton County has attracted $1.14 billion in investment by such major companies as Carhartt, DrinkPak, McMaster-Carr, Schluter and Wells Fargo.

Carhartt, DrinkPak, and McMaster-Carr will be located in Alliance; Schluter is heading to Roanoke; and Wells Fargo announced its data center would be in Lewisville.

The five companies will bring an estimated 1,533 jobs to Denton County, many paying an average of $70,000 to $80,000 in annual salaries.

These opportunities are vital in creating jobs that offer good wages to help our residents provide the framework for their lives.

As I often mention, quality of life is a key issue for all of us and spending time on long commutes to and from home and work is not high on anyone’s list. It is imperative that we continue to attract companies that offer strong wages into Denton County.

We have the skilled workforce, several institutions of higher learning, a diversity of housing product, good public schools, a wide selection of private schools, and not one, but three major lakes surrounded with a green canopy of trees and thriving wildlife.

As we add 86 people daily to our population, which recently topped 1 million in January, each individual is looking to establish their domain in a county where they now reside.

Our hope is that by attracting a wide range of job opportunities, these individuals will call Denton County home for years to come as they establish families, get involved in civic organizations, and become the next generation’s guiding posts.

When our forefathers established the county in 1846, more than 177 years ago, they likely never envisioned what Denton County has become today. But, I am certain they moved here with the same dreams and goals as our newest residents do.

A thriving economy is the key element that keep the lifeblood of a fast-growing county running strong and true now and in the future. As a father of three, I am especially excited that with these companies moving here we are expanding our opportunities for our kids and grandkids to have employment here locally and not have to move away for career advancement.

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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