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Lantana Update — July 2023

Monthly roundup of news from Lantana as published in The Cross Timbers Gazette.

One of the things that sets Lantana apart is our Front Yard Maintenance Program.

Nearly every day, Gold Landscape employees fan out across our community to keep it looking manicured and consistent.

“Crisp and clean is what our goal is, so people are proud when they drive into Lantana where they call home,” said Gold Landscape founder Aaron Goldstein.

Goldstein started the company in 1989.

“I was mowing in high school and tried to go to University of Texas in Austin, but came back every weekend to mow lawns,” said Goldstein. “Finally, after two years of going back and forth, I decided to stay home and keep mowing lawns. Who knew it would grow to 450-500 employees?”

Gold Landscape has grown along with Lantana over the past 23 years.

“We were the first contractor out here,” said Goldstein. “We did the tractor mowing for the groundbreaking ceremony.”

Goldstein touts that some employees have been with the company for 30 years, and said longtime Lantana manager Chris McClain is a 15-year veteran, who now works alongside his son, Justin McClain.

Westbury, NY-based Outworx Group acquired Gold Landscape in June 2021. Goldstein is now a consultant for his old company and helps maintain its customer relationships.

Gold has a base of operations on Hickory Hill Road behind Harpool Middle School where 100 employees spend five-and-a-half days per week maintaining 4,107 homes in 32 Lantana neighborhoods, along with our common areas and right-of ways.

“The number one thing to keep this community looking consistent is the Front Yard Maintenance Program. It is a requirement that the HOA provides these services,” said Rachael Robinson, Lantana Community Association manager.

Basic front yard maintenance includes mowing, edging, weed-eating and blowing weekly (March through October), shrub trimming and bed weeding once a month (March through October), leaf removal in the winter and regular fertilizer applications.

Robinson said the lawn maintenance program’s cost to residents range from about $18 to $24 per visit, depending on the neighborhood.

Gold Landscape works with two entities to keep Lantana tidy.

Robinson said that the Lantana Community Association has a $3.5 million contract with Gold that auto-renews annually.

The Fresh Water Supply District (FWSD) has a $2.5 million yearly contact that covers its property in Lantana, which includes right-of ways, several parks and neighborhood entrances.

“It’s been a great partnership with both the FWSD and the HOA to keep the majority of the people satisfied in Lantana,” said Goldstein.

With that many lawns to maintain, there’s bound to be an issue from time to time. Goldstein said that residents can file a report at Robinson added that residents can also call the HOA office at 940-728-1660 with any questions or concerns.

Meet the Lantana Ladies League Board

The Lantana Ladies League elected a new board for the 2023-2024 season. The new board members are:

President: Shawna White

Vice-President: Camy Taylor

Secretary & Sargent of Arms: Julie Cox

Treasurer: Laurie Fischer

Charity Events Director: Julie Trahan

Communications Director: Kali Drake

Membership Directors: Rosemary Wright & Stephanie Joyce

Community Service Director: Cheryl Ward

Community Service Outreach & Volunteer Chair: Susan Mittan

Special Interest Groups Chair: Tiffany Scribner

Social Chair: Nicole Fate

New Member Welcome Chair: Amber Johnson

Sponsorship Chair: Collette Barbosa

Social Media Chair: Meagan Wristen

Members at Large: Kimberly Windle, Amy Jarema, Tanya Rose

The league will hold its first event for 2023 in August at our Membership Kick-off. Check our website for upcoming details!

For more information on the Lantana Ladies League, go to or visit the Lantana Ladies League Facebook page.
-Submitted by Camy Taylor, LLL Vice President

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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