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Alphabet Soup of Medicare

Anyone over the age of 65 knows how confusing (and even scary) making decisions about Medicare can be. I often hear, “I have two master’s degrees and I can barely understand Medicare!” Seniors hear horror stories from friends and family. If you’ve found yourself trying to navigate all the various “parts” of Medicare, you’re certainly not alone!

The overwhelm is understandable. Choices you make about Medicare will impact the care you’re able to receive, as well as which of your bills will be covered. Adding to the confusion is the fact that your situation is unique. Comparing plans with friends and family isn’t helpful.

Here are some questions that could impact your Medicare decisions:

“Are you currently covered at a job when you turn 65?”
“How many employees are at your job?”
“Is there a specific doctor that you want to see?”
“Do you have high income?”
“Do you have expensive medications?”
“Do you travel frequently?”
“Can you afford supplemental coverage?”
“Do you have current health issues?”

The list goes on and on. We’ve all seen those decision trees where each answer leads down a different path, and evaluating your Medicare needs works quite the same way.

This process doesn’t have to be scary. It shouldn’t take weeks of research. There are professionals available to help you navigate this market, and a good Medicare agent will arm you with education – not persuasion. They will listen to your needs and show you the different options available. They are unbiased and neutral. They will walk with you down the decision path, showing you the potential cost and impact of your decisions.

You can feel confident in your choices. You can understand your coverage. Remember, most brokers’ services are free of charge, so don’t go it alone!

We’d love to simplify the alphabet soup of Medicare for you. Come visit us in Flower Mound or call (800) 750-2407! We are at 2604 Long Prairie Road, Suite 100, Flower Mound, 75022.

Tim Bergeron is the Director of Operations at Plan Medigap – Fully independent Medicare Agency

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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