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Senior Talk DFW — May 2023

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Chaos, whether personal or professional, can affect your current mental health.

Chaos can present itself as an inner turmoil. Inner chaos is an overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction and unhappiness with ourselves as humans and/or the life we are living. Or it could be chaos and anxiety created by our external environment.

For me, clutter everywhere creates anxiety. I function at my best with order in my life. Living in constant chaos, whether it’s your environment or relationships, is stressful. It steals some of your joy and enjoyment of life.

What are some ways to maintain and improve your mental health? Connect with people, be physically active, eat well, drink lots of water, learn new skills, give to others, and be present in the moment. Choose one to start and focus on for your mental health journey.

Think about the things you can control and things you can’t. Make peace with and find ways to cope with those things you can’t. Control the things you can. For me, I can control the clutter in my environment. What I can’t control are the actions of others. What I can control is my reaction to others.

As I work on the chaos in my world it helps to declutter the physical environment which in turn helps declutter the mental environment.

Where to start? What is something you can declutter TODAY to reduce the physical chaos or anxiety in your world? Is it that stack of papers? The junk drawer? The garage? Pick one and tackle it today. You’ll thank yourself for it!

On May 18th from 10-11:30 a.m. please join us to hear tips and tricks as we discuss “Downsizing and Decluttering”. It’s at NCTC (North Central Community College) 1200 Parker Square Rd., Flower Mound. RSVP to or call us at 469-616-0561.

Edwena Potter, Senior Talk DFW, Keller Williams Realty – 469-616-0561 Your Real Estate Resource

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CTG Staff
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