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Northlake Notes — May 2023

By the time you read this, this election season may be ended or ending shortly. If you haven’t yet taken part, I strongly encourage you to do so if you still can. Local elections are where you have the most direct impact on the trajectory of your community.

A major school bond is up for consideration in Northwest ISD. In Prop A, a middle school for Northlake near Pecan Square is proposed. Whether the price and the time is right depends on you and your vote. Two slates of candidates with fundamentally different views on the future of NISD are also there waiting for you. Northlake has one council seat up for consideration. Northlake has a financing arrangement for a potential sports center on the ballot as well. Argyle ISD has two contested seats and many issues are being discussed there as well. Nowhere will your vote go farther than in a local election. Take the time to be a decision-maker for you and your family.

A long overdue light at FM 1171 and Cleveland-Gibbs should be starting now. As I write this article, I am expecting TxDOT to start work on May 4th. Months of delays are supposed to be at an end so we can get a significant safety issue resolved at that corner. State construction projects take years in many cases and have to be requested long in advance of when they are needed. TxDOT projects the construction for the light to take through June.

Progress on the FM 407 expansion from Cleveland Gibbs to Gateway Blvd. is moving forward. A key stakeholder meeting is coming up as the preparations continue for utility and right-of-way acquisition work later this year.

Mother’s Day is around the corner. As I write this, we are saying goodbye to my mom who is headed back to Europe where my mom and dad have served as missionaries for 30 years. It hardly seems that long ago already we moved there in the early 90s. I hope that you are able to enjoy time with all the mothers in your life this year. If they are no longer with you, I hope that their memory lives on in your hearts.

A special congratulations to all our graduates is in order. Hundreds of graduates from Kindergarten to high school, college and beyond from the Northlake area will walk and receive their diplomas in the next month or so. Congratulations to all of them on the fulfillment of their hard work, and to all of you who support them at home.

Enjoy a wonderful start to warmer weather and all the early summer plans that you may have in store!

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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