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The Soapbox: Shadethrowers

“O God, You are my God; I shall seek You earnestly; My soul thirsts for You, my flesh yearns for You, in a dry and weary land where there is no water.”- Psalm 63:1

There’s a revolution going on our in country and like most revolutions, some people are not happy about it.

With a nation on a diabolical course to a collapse, some are just as equally soured toward the Asbury Revival as they are to a pregnant Rihanna’s crotch-grabbing lessons for little eyes to study right there in Mommy and Daddy’s living room. Those worshipping hands held high in Asbury’s Hughes Auditorium set off as many firestorm reactions from some people as did Sam Smith’s “Unholy” performance at the GRAMMYs. Throwing shade has become a sport of choice in the midst of a nation’s spiritual and resulting economic decline.

Most of us weren’t at the Super Bowl, the GRAMMYs, or the Asbury Revival. These were events that were fed into our media streams from afar. The mask was completely off by the time Sam Smith incited outrage from the masses for his plain sight satanic exaltation. Three days later, the impromptu Asbury Revival begins. One month later, “Jesus Revolution brings in over $40 million at the box office. Seekers are out seeking Truth.

Oh, America! We are quite a sight in the eyes of God right now, aren’t we? Can’t quite make up our mind over who is next to receive our shade, can we? The things we should have come against, some of us didn’t. The times we should have been quiet enough to hear God’s still small voice, we didn’t do that either, with all the talking heads. And then, finally, we closed the hymnals to “Revive Us Again” and squashed the seekers right over the head with it.

I never streamed one moment of the Asbury Revival. But after quietly processing through what The God of Nations is doing in our land, I can say this. He is not a God to do nothing in response to flagrant sin when people earnestly seek Him. For the doubters’ sake, if not this revival, there will be others coming to fulfill an ancient promise that foretold God’s Spirit being poured out on our youth. A sure sign from God is when wickedness increases, the love of many will grow cold. Another word for “growing” cold is “waxeth” meaning love that once was alive will pass from one state to another. It will be no more.

When these things happen, we should pay attention, deeply rooted and ready to stand firm until the end, according to the Biblical writings of Matthew in his 24th chapter. Jesus said all of these things in what is known as “The Little Apocalypse” and then He told The Parable of the Ten Virgins which points the believer to righteous living, obedience, and being ready for the imminent return of the Bridegroom.

What is this, America, that we should not be ready for the return of the Lord? Why is it that we busy ourselves with futile thinking in dark places and judgement without mercy in the light? We have this treasure in jars of clay, the message of the glory of Christ!! Yet, we shift our focus elsewhere.

I have a certain rule when visiting a new group of people. I find the right moment and tell a joke. It is my favorite litmus test in assessing where others are on the joy spectrum. I look for joy in people as an indicator of where they are with the Lord. Those are the people I trust to get into my trenches with me. Ain’t got no joy, ain’t got no fruit! Then the other signs gradually show up where love, peace, gentleness, and other indicators are lacking and I say to myself, “Girl, these folk been baptized in vinegar.”

This could easily become a heightened debate on what is faith v. what is logic. I get that. But in our language, our speech, our manner of love…all things are telling of the character of God in us. Sometimes we just have to walk it out to understand how right or wrong we are, but in humility we approach the throne of grace boldly and commune with a God that promises to guide us in paths of righteousness for HIS name’s sake. He rewards those who seek him in earnest. He is big enough to get outside of the box we have created within the context of our own minds.

We must care about absolute Truth, but we must care to worship in both spirit and truth. Choosing the one and forsaking the other causes imbalance in our worship, our daily lives, and the speech that comes out of our mouths from the wellspring of our hearts.

These perilous times are going to be challenging on this nation and her families. Delivering the message of Christ without throwing shade on earnest seekers is going to be required in order to take back the captives like Sam Smith, Rihanna, and those we can call by name from our own inner circles who have fallen prey to sin’s slavery. If necessary, turn off the newsfeed and use the quiet place of honest prayer. It still works.

Brandi Chambless
Brandi Chambless
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