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November, 2020October, 2020September, 2020
  • The Soapbox: The Sting

    The human bird shall take his first flight, filling the world with amazement, all writings with his ...

August, 2020July, 2020
  • The Soapbox: Maximillion

    Rare is the person, who when encountering a stranger, can see behind the curtain of flesh like a swo ...

June, 2020
  • The Soapbox: 41 Lawn Mowers

    “Find a good old neighborhood. A square block of the USA. Stake your claim. Claim your space. Sink y ...

May, 2020
  • The Soapbox: Doors

    Dedicated to The Senior Class of 2020 In my little corner of the earth, it will always be a Friday, ...

April, 2020
  • The Soapbox: The Vile Offender

    The secretary looked forward to her Easter weekend with family as she cleared her desk on what is kn ...

March, 2020
  • The Soapbox: The Custodian

    In an effort to find a little quiet space, I parked myself on a cushy sofa of the elegant hotel lobb ...

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