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Aging in Style with Lori Williams: Why should you use a Senior Locator Service?

Have you ever researched senior housing or services? If so, you likely found it to be a confusing and time consuming process. Oftentimes, families tell me, I wish I’d known about your service years ago! So, why should you use a Senior Locator Service?

1. Save Time. No need to Google options that may not even be the right fit. A senior locator knows the different communities and services in your area. They’ll schedule an assessment to learn about your care needs, budget, interests and preferred geographic location.

2. They have relationships within the community. Choose a local service because they know the nuances of each community, reputations, and what sets them apart from their competitors. They also know current pricing and availability.

3. They can refer you to other resources. They can also refer you to valuable resources: home care, hospice services, movers, elder law attorneys, Medicare specialists, etc.

4. They offer a roadmap and guidance along the way. Often times, there are short term and long term plans that need to be made. For example, if your mom broke her hip, a senior locator can help you select a rehab, refer you to resources to ensure her home is safe if she chooses to return to it, or if needed, help locate an independent or assisted living community for her.

5. They’re free for you to use. Senior locator services have contracts with senior communities and earn a fee for successfully placing individuals. All other services, like creating a roadmap and connecting you with other services, are free.

Visit to begin your search for senior housing or services.

Lori Williams is the owner of Lori Williams-Senior Services, LLC a FREE Senior Locator Service. She is also the host of the podcast, Aging in Style. Lori is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) and resident of Flower Mound.

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