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From the Firehouse — March 2023

March is the official start to Severe Weather Preparedness Month. The Denton County Emergency Services District #1 would like to remind you of the following weather safety tips from the National Weather Service:

Be Weather-Ready: Check the forecast regularly to see if you’re at risk for severe weather.

Sign Up for Notifications: Sign up for free emergency notifications from Denton County Emergency Services District #1 by calling 940.464.7102. Weather notifications are automatically generated for our citizens within the Denton County ESD #1 when the National Weather Service issues a “watch” and/or a “warning.”

Create a Communications Plan: Pick a safe room in your home such as a basement, storm cellar or an interior room on the lowest floor with no windows.

Practice Your Plan: Conduct a family severe thunderstorm drill regularly so everyone knows what to do if a damaging wind or large hail is approaching.

Prepare Your Home: Keep trees and branches trimmed near your house. If you have time before severe weather hits, secure loose objects, close windows and doors, and move any valuable objects inside or under a sturdy structure.

Help Your Neighbor: Encourage your loved ones to prepare for severe thunderstorms. Take CPR training so you can help if someone is hurt during severe weather.

We are often asked by our citizens what the difference is between a “watch” and a “warning” in regard to weather events, especially during the spring when we experience the majority of our severe weather in North Texas. Knowing the difference between the two terms can help ensure that you are adequately prepared for the next time that severe weather threatens our community.

  • Watch: Conditions are favorable for the severe weather event to happen in the future
  • Warning: A severe weather event is imminent or currently happening

For the month of January, the Denton County Emergency Services District #1 responded to 251 calls, with 66% being medical related and 34% being fire or service related, and an average response time of 7:14 minutes.

To reach Chief Vaughan, send an email to [email protected] or call 940.464.7102.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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