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Senior Talk DFW — February 2023

February – the month of LOVE.

As an acronym, LOVE can be Listen, Observe, Value, Embrace. How can we apply this to the older adults in our world?

Listen – really listen to what they are saying, and not saying, when you talk. If they are repeating things, let them. Listen to understand, not to respond or judge.

Observe – watch how they physically handle things and move. Is more help needed? Can you provide that help without offending?

Value – Show you value them by visiting and calling as often as possible. They don’t want to “bother you” if you’re still working and have busy lives so they won’t call. Ask for their advice.

Embrace – Hug, kiss, hold their hands if they want. Embrace their thoughts, wants and needs, not just your own.

To show LOVE think about the 5 LOVE Languages.

Words of Affirmation – send a note, say “I love you.”

Quality Time – spend time with them; watch a football game, play a card game, just sit and talk. Don’t live nearby? Utilize Facetime and other technology. Call regularly.

Acts of Service – what can you do for them? Bag the leaves in their yard. What thing that they can’t do that bugs them could you do for them? Take them shopping, to the doctor, to visit other family.

Gifts – what can you give them that would mean something? Photos in frames? A subscription to a magazine they like? A book from their favorite author? Hand lotion they like.

Physical Touch – Hugs are always good. Mo Anderson, a Keller Williams board member, says if you don’t get 7 hugs a day things get weird. Hold hands when you are with them, give a kiss on the cheek when you leave. If they live alone they are not getting any other physical interaction and it matters.

How do you plan to LOVE your older adults this season?

The next Senior Talk DFW Candid Conversation Series is Feb. 16 from 10-11:30 a.m. at North Texas Central College, 1200 Parker Square #210, Flower Mound. This month’s topic: “Staying in Charge as we Age.” Register at or call/email 469-616-0561. Look forward to seeing you there!

Edwena Potter, Certified Senior Housing Professional, Keller Williams Realty, 469-616-0561

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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