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Harvest Happenings — November 2022

Page Austin, Harvest Lifestyle Manager

The life and legacy of Ross Perot is one of service and dedication to our military. He gave selflessly of his time and resources to help others, especially to our veterans.

I love what he said in his 2009 speech, “Many Americans don’t understand that Freedom is not free. They don’t realize that freedom doesn’t come easy. That you have to earn it. That it is fragile. And that tough, brave men and women have to step forward and fight for freedom, and for all of us.”

My love of country and deep respect for our military has deepened because of the life of Mr. Perot.

Harvest is home to many American heroes. These brave men and women raised their hand to fight for freedom for all of us. We love to support and honor our neighbors who have served and are still serving our great country.

We an active veteran’s group that gathers each month. This group of heroes is growing and we love to honor them whenever we can! We are so fortunate to have a developer, Hillwood Communities, who values our military and has a great love of country. We had the privilege of bringing some of our veterans to Hillwood to share the life of Mr. Perot and the quiet work he has done for so many.

At the Hillwood office in Dallas, they have a museum called Legacy Hall. It showcases the private collection of Mr. Perot and includes items from his childhood—there is a replica of his father’s business, the fully restored family car, and his boyhood saddle. There is also one of the earliest computers from Electronic Data Systems, the company Mr. Perot founded. The museum also includes artifacts, and gifts given to Mr. Perot. He saved every gift that people have given him through the years. Our veterans were able to walk through Legacy Hall and experience what many people never get to see.

A new addition to the museum is the Tribute Gallery. It showcases video footage and photos of Ross Perot’s funeral, American flags from the service, news articles, family photos and more. It’s an emotional room and a place that really allows you to reflect and honor such a great man. Several of our veterans teared up at the military ceremony as it brought back memories from ceremonies they have attended for friends and family members.

It was honor to take our veterans to see Legacy Hall and to learn more about Mr. Perot and the profound impact that he made in so many people’s lives.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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