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Flower Mound mayor wants Rockledge Park from Grapevine

The mayor of Flower Mound is looking into the possibility of Flower Mound taking over responsibility for Grapevine’s Rockledge Park.

The small park, located on the northeastern lakeshore next to Lakeside, is on lease to the city of Grapevine through 2034, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Flower Mound Mayor Derek France said he sees a great opportunity for a nice Flower Mound park there, but he believes Grapevine is “neglecting the park.”

“With our Lakeside growth and expansion and the awesome amenities there, I thought it would make sense to try to work with Grapevine,” France said. “They’re not doing anything to it.”

Rockledge Park is a simple park that features uninhibited lake views and rock bluffs. There are many shaded picnic tables, large pavilion, a store and access to the Northshore Trail system. The park has no restrooms, only port-a-potties, France said, and is “not to our standards,” though he was not specific about what Flower Mound would do differently if it had the lease.

Thanks to a mutual aid agreement, Flower Mound police already respond to the park, and France thinks the police department would benefit if the town acquired the park’s lease, as well.

“When arrests are made at the park, Flower Mound residents are paying tax money for officers to drive to the Grapevine jail,” France said.

The park is in Grapevine’s city limits, so a change from Grapevine to Flower Mound could ultimately lead to a boundary adjustment. The lease is ultimately in the hands of Grapevine and the Corps of Engineers, and France said that so far, Grapevine isn’t much interested.

“I had hoped Grapevine would be more amicable for us taking over the lease,” France said. “However, it seems like their staff has had a change of heart and doesn’t want to give up the park.”

Several attempts to contact a city of Grapevine spokesperson were unsuccessful.

“A lot goes into these discussions, and we’re just at the very beginning of considering the possibility of the town’s involvement, which became more of a conversation because of the growth of the nearby Lakeside area,” said Melissa Demmitt, communications director for Flower Mound. “We look forward to talking to both the Corps of Engineers and the City of Grapevine about the future of Rockledge Park.”

France said he will meet with the Army Corps of Engineers to bring his concerns to light and try to convince them that Flower Mound would take better care of the park. He acknowledged that it would be a long process.

“With our track record of being a great lessee, and our history of Twin Coves Park, it only makes sense,” France said. “I’d want to make it (Rockledge Park) ‘Twin Coves Park 2.0.’ I’m Flower Mound’s biggest fan and I’m not afraid to say we could do a better job.”

Mark Smith
Mark Smith
Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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