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GOOD Thoughts — October 2022

Wisdom. The ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting. Insight. A combination of discernment, discretion, and sagacity… from the American Heritage Dictionary.

In this month’s Cross Timbers Gazette, we consider our seniors … those to whom we ascribe much wisdom. Oft times, the young wonder why “you old people” speak so much or do not speak at all. How do you decide when to worry about something or not?

I speak to young people on a regular basis, including my young adult children. For years, I have tried to explain that age old idiom that it is fruitless to worry about that which you have no control. Why worry if it is going to rain tomorrow? Can you control the rain? No? Then, do not worry, but DO have a PLAN!

Too often, when we lose someone, especially someone who had some time to acquire knowledge and then has those special abilities of discernment, discretion, and sagacity, we look back and wish we had spent more time with him or her … listened a bit more closely to their stories … maybe even written down a note or two.

While it may seem disjointed, it is exactly one of the reasons I chose PostNet as a business endeavor. The woman I knew in Illinois who had a PostNet was one of those people who really listened when you chatted with her. I too wanted to hear peoples’ stories. I wish I was a better listener. I try every year to be better.

How about you? In this senior issue, read through it, take time with it … and … The next time you have a chance with a senior … Ask for a joyful story … and another to help you with your wisdom.

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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