Monday, December 4, 2023

Cross Timbers Water: Stage 3 watering restrictions continue

Submitted by Cross Timbers Water Supply Corporation

Did you know? The recent Stage 3 water restriction alert was driven by mechanical failure and a lightning strike.

In May, our Jernigan well was struck by lightning. Current supply line gaps meant a two-month delay waiting for replacement parts and repairs. Also in June, the Stonewood well had a major mechanical failure.

Thus, two wells out of service along with the early increased temperatures caused the requested restriction.

We were able to get one well running on a temporary basis while we wait for permanent electrical components to be manufactured and shipped. Those components are scheduled for delivery the week of August 8th. Upon receipt of the components, that well will be taken offline for 2-3 days while installation is completed.

The second well motor, pump and electrical wire was delivered August 1st and is scheduled to be installed on August 4th. After installation, the staff will need to flush the well for the duration of the weekend before taking a sample for testing. Once our sample has passed testing requirements by the lab, we will be able to start pumping into the system. We estimate that to be August 8th or 9th.

Due to extremely high temperatures, current drought conditions and water restrictions of the cities and water systems in the surrounding areas, we may need to continue Stage 3 restrictions for an extended period of time. Once both wells are back online and working properly, we will reevaluate Stage 3 restrictions.

Zero “Boil Water Notices” were required during the 2021 and 2022 winter storms; we are one of only 500 systems in Texas to achieve this result.

During the 2021 winter rolling blackouts, the CTWSC staff worked feverishly and supplied 100% of the water needs of its members, in spite of the rolling blackouts and deep-freezing temperatures.

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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