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Weir: CEO of Ranch Hands Rescue discusses human trafficking

Ranch Hands Rescue (RHR), in Argyle, is a human and animal sanctuary founded on hope and healing for the long-term recovery of trauma victims, special needs animals, and male survivors of sex trafficking.

The RHR Counseling Center specializes in treating more complex trauma cases, such as victims of severe and repetitive abuse and people not making progress in their current treatment programs. They heal critical care animals, then give them a purpose in their counseling program as they participate in Equine and Animal Assisted Counseling (EAAC) alongside specifically selected Licensed Professionals.

In their Animal sanctuary, they rescue, rehabilitate, and provide sanctuary for the worst-of-the-worst farm animal abuse and neglect cases. The animals that will live out their lives at the RHR sanctuary are incorporated into the Equine and Animal Assisted Counseling program and are given love and purpose. Our animals live out their lives in a peaceful and happy environment.

The RHR Safehouse is a House of Hope and the first non-profit safe house in the country for male survivors of commercial sexual exploitation, also known as sex trafficking. They serve young men 18+ and are the only residential facility to include RHR’s innovative Equine and Animal Assisted Counseling intervention.

On Sept. 17th, at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Denton, RHR has an event called, “Ignite Hope for Boys Too,” emceed by Mike Doocy, sports anchor at Fox 4. Honorary Chairs will be Texas State Rep, Tan Parker and his lovely wife Beth. Legendary actress Ruta Lee will also be a special guest.  Tickets may be purchased online at or at: 940-240-0500.

Mr. Williams sent the following short bio:

“Bob Williams is the Founder and CEO of Ranch Hands Rescue. After suffering a stroke in 2007, Bob decided to retire from Motorola. After a year of rehabilitation, he decided to start a not-for-profit organization that would save animals and help people.  In 2008, Ranch Hands Rescue was born, and a farm animal sanctuary for animals with special needs was established. In 2010, the Ranch Hands Rescue Counseling Program was started. Bob’s vision was to partner abused and neglected animals with individuals by using Equine and Animal Assisted Counseling to help individuals who do not respond to traditional therapy.

“His counseling program is the only program in the country that partners abused and neglected animals in mental health therapy. Bob’s passion is helping innocent victims, especially children, who require a non-traditional approach to uncovering severe trauma. He assembled a team of counseling experts who are highly trained and certified in trauma and PTSD to be another resource in our community to help individuals who are suffering and see no hope. RHR fills a special niche in mental health counseling services in that they specialize in treating the more complex trauma cases, such as victims of sexual abuse, human trafficking and Veterans with severe PTSD who are not making progress in their current treatment programs.

“Bob and Ranch Hands Rescue have been featured in over 180 TV and news stories including Animal Planet, Time Magazine, Fox Worldwide News, USA Today, CNN, Good Morning America, and National Geographic. Most recently Bob and Ranch Hands Rescue received the Social Enterprise award from D CEO Nonprofit & Corporate Citizenship Awards 2022. On June 1, 2021, Bob opened Bob’s House of Hope the FIRST safe house in the Country that serves male victims of Sex Trafficking 18 years old and up. Ranch Hands Rescue currently has a 70-city billboard campaign #BoysToo to educate the public on male sex trafficking.

“Ranch Hands Rescue has 3 components

  1. Sanctuary for special needs animals.
  2. Counseling Program specializing in the 10% of trauma survivors not getting better on their current program. (services are free for victims)
  3. Bob’s House of Hope. The First Safe House in the Country for Male Victims of SEX Trafficking.
  4. Bob also serves on Governor Abbot’s task force, which was developed to establish solutions and a strategy to stop the human trafficking of boys and young men in Texas. He also serves on the Attorney generals Task force for Human Trafficking as well as the I-20 corridor task force from Texas to Georgia.

“Ranch Hands Rescue is currently working on a National Education Program to educate the public that boys are sex trafficked too. 5 Time Emmy winner Actress Doris Roberts said “when I first heard Bob speak, I was mesmerized by his talk, you could hear a pin drop in a room with 2500 people. His passion for his work, his personal story, and his passion for helping others is why Ranch Hands Rescue continues to grow. I am proud to call him my friend.”

Bob Williams, came over for an interview to explain the many services his non-profit organization provides. For more info:

Bob Weir
Bob Weir
Bob Weir is a former NYPD officer, long-time Flower Mound resident and former local newspaper editor.

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