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GOOD Thoughts — July 2022

Experts … Don’t give me an EX-pert, give me the PERT!

One of my teachers use to say, “Why would I want to listen to a former pert?”

We have heard a lot from experts recently. It seems they are everywhere … medical, financial, investments, economics, leadership, parenting, and so much more.

Why should you read GOOD Thoughts … a “Local Expert”?

Thinking … it will never be possible to outlaw thinking … you may have even seen a shirt, hat, or poster reminding you that: “Thinking is Free” or “Think … It isn’t illegal YET!”

When I am leading, formerly in the military, now, with my children, with my employees, with my customers, I seek to get others to THINK. I want people to think differently. It is not about the decision; it is about the process to get there. Did we consider all the alternatives? Story-telling is my usual way of offering alternative thoughts and diverse ways of thinking.

Back to experts … How many ask you to think? How many are offering you a means to think for yourself versus directing you to think the way they want you to think?! How often have you stopped yourself and asked why this or that expert is saying what he or she is saying? What biases or foundation has created this expert’s thoughts and directives?

I want to help you think through your problems and challenges. In fact, I love helping you THINK. When you come into PostNet or talk to me in the airport, I want to do the same. I love solving your problems … not with MY decisions, but with yours. My staff will do their best to do the same. See you soon at PostNet Northlake & Flower Mound.

Stop by our Flower Mound or Northlake stores, visit postnet.com/tx243 or postnet.com/tx171, or call 972-544-1230.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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