Sunday, October 1, 2023

Melson: Just the facts

Hello VOTERS!!

I wanted to post one last time as I continue to hear so much about myself, I honestly never knew! It’s been entertaining to say the least… Always go to the source, I say, so here it goes! (You will definitely want to read and share the heck out of this one…)


RUMOR: I am working with developers: FALSE.

RUMOR: I want to develop Bartonville and push for more 1 acre lots: FALSE. Both of these are the “go-to rumors” for KBC (Keep Bartonville Country) when they want to boot someone out—they are predictable at this point, but y’all are wearing my family out already, lol.

RUMOR: I want to run for higher office: FALSE. If anything, this campaign has cured me of that, ha! ?

RUMOR: I want to overregulate the Equestrian community: FALSE. Good grief. My daughter rides. We own a ranch. We love horses. In FACT, when elected, the Equestrian Committee will resume with residents who have reached out to volunteer to serve.

RUMOR: I don’t listen to the Town Attorney: FALSE. Quite the opposite. I listen, research, and consult with all involved and then make informed decisions well within the law and in the best interests of the residents. This is indicatory of a true leader.

RUMOR: I put public safety at risk: FALSE. This is a rumor with intent to discredit and not even worthy of addressing further.

RUMOR: The Bartonville Police Dept. is campaigning for me and putting up signs: FALSE. And as a side note, any attempt to further discredit our law enforcement officers will NOT be tolerated if I am elected MAYOR.

I’M FROM CALIFORNIA?? So I have heard that I want to bring CA here and single handedly destroy Texas. What does that even mean? That I want to bring homelessness here? The ocean? Hollywood actors? Higher gas prices? The politics? Let’s truly think about these things before we say them out loud. My ancestors are also originally from Ireland, Scotland and England—that doesn’t mean I will implement tea and crumpet hour when I am mayor. Let’s just let this one die please. It’s old, tired, irrelevant and could come across as offensive to half the people in Texas. Stay positive folks and let’s be welcoming to others.

(Woohoo!! I like this part better)

I SUPPORT a Land Use Plan that preserves the rural feel and 2-, 5- and 10-acre minimums—TRUE. TRUE. TRUE. (I put three “trues” because KBC really likes to fib about this one). We moved here to join in preserving the rural feel, and I have never said or voted differently, as a councilwoman. My voting record is public information.

I SUPPORT and voted for 24/7 POLICE coverage and am in favor of financially supporting our men and women in blue: TRUE. Lives have been saved and crimes thwarted because of our amazing Police Dept.

I SUPPORT holding meet and greets to listen and better understand the needs of our citizens: TRUE. And I will continue if elected MAYOR—open communication and transparency are important for a thriving community.

I SUPPORT uniting this town by bringing back Mr. Barton’s old town feel, encouraging family gatherings and getting our youth involved in a town volunteering program: TRUE.

I SUPPORT focusing on the positive when at all possible (and I have been challenged!!), how I can serve this town and every resident while running the best and most positive campaign I can: TRUE. 100%.

I SUPPORT ending censorship, slander, and negative campaigning by any opposing *group or candidate: TRUE. Regarding ending censorship, this exact post was put on Nextdoor and deleted by the *admin, while the opposing candidates’ post remains, due to the inability to be fair and impartial. Sadly, censorship is real, but we press on warriors, and I will fight for fairness for all residents. But to do that, I will need your VOTE.

*As a show of good faith, all is forgiven and I encourage others to give these folks the benefit of the doubt and assume they were perhaps just having a bad day and hopefully this is not indicative of their true heart.

I hope that clears things up once and for all. If you feel running a positive campaign deserves your VOTE May 7th, I would love your support for MAYOR.

Looking forward to seeing anyone who’d like to join at my last “Coffee with the Councilwoman” at The Golden Egg Café, Wednesday, May 4 at 10:30 am.

Bridget Melson
Bartonville Town Council, Place 4

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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