Saturday, December 9, 2023

Melson: Anonymous political group is bad news for Bartonville

“If this anonymous group succeeds in this election, they will have taken over every elected position in town. This is your time to turn division into unity and free Bartonville from the chains of KBC.”

I find myself wondering where my opponent is and why I am instead campaigning against an anonymous group.

As a seasoned professional and current Bartonville councilwoman, I am one to stay principled and above the fray.

The negativity in this town has gone on long enough, and after silently enduring written and verbal attacks leveled against me by a handful of locals, it is time to defend my name, my family, and my honor and speak out.

It is also time to give the people of Bartonville BACK their voice.

The reason this country is divided is due to the very gaslighting tactics we now see in this incredible town, and Bartonville deserves better.

If KBC (Keep Bartonville Controlled…err, “Country”) wants to slander me by stating I don’t vote in favor of “public safety” when in reality I have been the Number One proponent for 24/7 police coverage, having voted for raises for them when morale was down, and because I desire to keep the residents of Bartonville safe, then so be it.

If KBC wants to discredit my name by stating “I don’t heed the legal advice of the town attorney” because in one case that came before the council I checked in with said attorney, did my research, spoke to the professionals involved (church staff, Fire Marshall) and was not ready to make a decision to shut out children in need during a pending COVID crisis, so be it.

If KBC wants to win by stating that “I was on the phone” texting “during a council meeting” because my very scared daughter thought there was an intruder at home and I was getting a neighbor to go check on her, so be it.

If KBC is more interested in the fact that my husband and I are willing to spend our personal hard-earned money in order to protect and unite this town by exposing the truth, tactics, and intentions of this group, then so be it.

I obeyed the law and as my first step to bring more transparency to this town—as I promised—I filed my campaign finance reports and did not hide my campaign financial information behind a secret “group” trying to influence an election.

It is clear that in this Mayoral race, I am the underdog, and God bless the underdogs of the world! Because when the odds are against us, underdogs know how to be resourceful yet respectful, persistent yet principled, and unwavering and fiercely loyal. We are uniters because we care about everyone, not just a select few.

This is your time to turn division into unity and free Bartonville from the chains of KBC.

The Town of Bartonville needs a leader who will encourage and unite, instead of tear down and divide.

Bartonville, I, Bridget MELSON, am asking for your vote on May 7th for Mayor.


Bridget Melson
Bartonville Town Council, Place 4

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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