Tuesday, September 26, 2023

LETTER: Bartonville politics: David vs. Goliath

In light of the current election in Bartonville, let’s truly talk about Keep Bartonville Country because ‘ the light needs to be shined on them.’

This election to the town council or for mayor is between TWO INDIVIDUALS.

How come the election is shaping up to be a KBC sponsored candidate vs. another candidate? David vs. Goliath…

Keep Bartonville Country is more like a PAC or Political Action Committee. If you go to their website, which claims to be trademarked or copyrighted and is paying web hosting fees. Who paid for those costly legal fees to trademark and copyright, who pays the web hosting fees?

Where does all the money come from to run KBC and sponsor all their ‘endorsed’ candidates? My guess, deep pockets of money from somewhere? Has anyone ever asked why KBC truly operates and what their real agenda is? Where does their financing come from? Is their goal truly to help Bartonville or some type of personal enrichment?

So if people are making claims that the individual candidate has to spend their own money against a rich PAC, Keep Bartonville Country Candidate, so be it!

The questions can go on and on about KBC, and ALL VOTERS should think twice about supporting KBC going forward.

I have met so many good and honest people in this town. This is a great community and WE SHOULD BE TOGETHER AS A TOWN.

However, Keep Bartonville Country takes the stance of ‘Our way or the highway’, as noted in this excerpt from their email ‘Sour Grapes from the Mayor’:

“5. KBC supports transparent and responsive elected officials. When they cease to keep their campaign promises and cease to listen to the people, KBC ceases to support them.”


Well, that is enough for me to know that KBC endorsed candidates are controlled by a rich “Good Ol’ Boy’ Political Action Committee.


Candidate Dr. Bridget Melson has served the Town of Bartonville with distinction on Town Council and has helped Bartonville stay the wonderful place that it is.

Dr. Melson wants ALL VOICES to be heard. There are so many things that still need to be addressed by our new mayor: better water infrastructure, better internet and telephone communications, better coverage for emergency services, safer roads, and the protection of the prosperity of a small and proud town.

I love my town.

Nicole Sherman,
Bartonville, TX

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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