Tuesday, October 3, 2023

LETTER: Facts, not fear-mongering, should guide Cross Timbers Business Park decision

Have you heard of the Cross Timbers Business Park (CTBP)? If not, your attention is advised…

It’s a proposed development on 263 acres on the far west side of Flower Mound that since 2000, has been Master Planned for industrial development. This property is 1.5 miles from I-35W, next to the Union Pacific railroad and key to generating and sustaining future tax revenue for Flower Mound.

The residents of Trailwood and Canyon Falls (many don’t live here – including the mayor of Northlake) have been protesting CTBP for months. (Apparently, checking what was planned to be built on hundreds of acres of empty land BEFORE they bought their houses is not their responsibility.)

Dozens of anti-CTBP protesters show up to speak in public participation at every Flower Mound Council and Planning and Zoning meeting using facts that are wildly exaggerated or pure fiction to urge rejection of this project.

I attended the 3/21/22 town council meeting to speak during public participation to present another viewpoint. My goals were:

  • Show people where to find facts on the Town’s website
  • Point out Flower Mound is the 4th most desirable town in the U.S. to reside, (Money Magazine, Sept. 2021) all while having 20% or more of Flower Mound homes within 1 mile or less of the Lakeside Business Park – which has at least 10 million square feet of warehouses – and coexists successfully with adjacent neighborhoods.
  • Remind Council this is not just a neighborhood issue. Millions of dollars of tax revenue annually are at stake.
  • Expose that the same people protested Furst Ranch and have already seriously limited the future tax revenue of Flower Mound. (Please watch Item K9 of the 3/21/22 Council meeting to appreciate how badly.)

As a friend and I were leaving Town Hall, we were followed by angry residents of Trailwood and Canyon Falls. These people demanded to know where we lived and informed us we had no right to speak about CTBP because we did not live in the neighborhood. (Somehow, these people believe that a Flower Mound resident has less right to speak than many of them who don’t live in Flower Mound!)

I explained, as a resident of Flower Mound whose tax dollars had paid for large portions of the infrastructure out west, Fire Station #6 and the traffic signal at Canyon Falls Dr. and 377, I had every right. I will continue to speak in support of the financial future of Flower Mound.

During the meeting, Council agreed to hold a Town Hall on CTBP. Council Member Adam Schiestel, who is pandering to the anti-crowd for votes in his upcoming May election, is pushing to hold this Town Hall in the Canyon Falls clubhouse – which is in Northlake – saying it’s time the Town goes to the residents.

Excuse me? This issue impacts all of Flower Mound! If for some reason this meeting can’t be held at Town Hall, it needs to be held at a central location in Flower Mound, so EVERY resident can participate if they choose.

It is time for all of this to stop. Canyon Falls and Trailwood residents need to take responsibility for the homes they purchased, and if they have regrets, it’s their responsibility, not the rest of Flower Mound!

And to the gentleman who wondered at the council meeting, during citizens’ participation, how much I was being paid by Crowe… I am not, and have never been, paid or employed by Crowe Holdings or any developer or commercial real estate investment business or company. I’m simply a concerned resident of Flower Mound. I actually had empathy for you sir, but that vanished when you chose to disparage the proud homeowners of southern Flower Mound…

Please email the Town Council ([email protected]) and Planning and Zoning ([email protected]) and tell them any meetings on CTBP need to happen at Town Hall and that their decisions must be based on facts not fearmongering. The financial future of Flower Mound depends on it.

Patsy Mizeur
Flower Mound, TX

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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