Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Update: Burgess, Parker win primaries; HD 63 headed to runoff

Voting results are in for Tuesday’s Primary Elections throughout Texas.

The Cross Timbers Gazette is tracking and publishing unofficial election results in several contested primaries for county, state and federal offices that represent parts of southern Denton County, including the U.S. House of Representatives District 26, State Senate District 12, State Representative Districts 57, 63, 64 and 65, and Denton County Commissioner Precinct 4.

Republican primary results were delayed by two hours because two Denton County polling sites remained open late to make up for equipment malfunctions. This meant the county could not release any Republican results until the last two sites closed at 9 p.m. The Denton County delay is reflected in the results provided by the Secretary of State’s Office for districts that represent at least parts of other counties.

The winners of the primary races will be on the ballot in the November General Election to face off against one candidate from the other party, if there is one. To win the primary, a candidate must receive more than half of all votes cast in that race. One local race, House District 63, is headed to a runoff because not one candidate got more than half the vote. The runoff election will be held May 24 between the two candidates who received the most votes in the March 1 primary.

To comply with the new Senate Bill 1, Denton County Elections has begun livestreaming camera feeds from in and around the tabulation room.

Listed below are the unofficial results from the Texas Secretary of State and Denton County Elections websites.

Updated 12 p.m. Wednesday with all precincts reporting

U.S. House of Representatives District 26

U.S. Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. (TX-26)


  • Brian Brazeal: 5,877 votes, 9.4%
  • Michael Burgess (i): 41,790 votes, 66.81%
  • Vincent Gallo: 6,413 votes, 10.25%
  • Raven Harrison: 3,412 votes, 5.45%
  • Isaac Smith: 5,062 votes, 8.09%

There are no Democratic candidates for District 26.

Longtime incumbent Rep. Michael Burgess will easily win reelection again this year, as he trounced all four Republican challengers and will not face a Democratic challenger in November.

State Senate District 12

State Rep. Tan Parker


  • Tan Parker: 52,818 votes, 71.03%
  • Chris Russell: 21,538 votes, 28.97%


  • Francine Ly: 21,636 votes, 73.11%
  • Ferdi Mongo: 7,956 votes, 26.89%

Parker, who served in the State House District 63 seat for 16 years, released a statement Tuesday night declaring victory in the Republican primary and promising to prepare for the November election and to serve in District 12.

State Representative District 57

Richard Hayes


  • Matthew Haines: 1,710 votes, 13.79%
  • Richard Hayes: 7,127 votes, 57.49%
  • Matthew Poole: 3,559 votes, 28.71%

There are no Democratic candidates for District 57.

State Representative District 63


  • Ben Bumgarner: 3,707 votes 29.04%
  • Jake Collier: 2,431 votes, 19.04%
  • Nick Sanders: 3,122 votes, 24.45%
  • Jeff Younger: 3,507 votes, 27.47%


  • Denise Wooten: 100%

The Republican race will head to a runoff between Bumgarner and Younger.

State Representative District 64


  • Andy Hopper: 9,135 votes, 49.72%
  • Lynn Stucky (i): 9,237 votes, 50.28%

There are no Democratic candidates for District 64.

State Representative District 65

Kronda Thimesch


  • Robert Cooksey: 2,020 votes, 13.95%
  • Peyton Inge: 3,820 votes, 26.38%
  • Kronda Thimesch: 8,639 votes, 59.67%


Brittney Verdell: 100%

Denton County Commissioner Precinct 4

Dianne Edmondson, Precinct 4 County Commissioner


  • Michael Armstrong: 7,276 votes, 42.02%
  • Dianne Edmondson (i): 10,039 votes 57.98%

There are no Democratic candidates for Precinct 4.

Find statewide primary election results here.

Mark Smith
Mark Smith
Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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