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GOOD’s Thoughts — February 2022

Words, oh words, what do they mean? Where do these marketing people get such dreams?

When many think of February, I imagine three things come to mind … COLD, Hearts & Sweets

On the 2nd, Old Phil & his colleagues tell us if winter shall stay or begin to turn-away, allowing spring to warm us & bring forth new life. On the 14th, the marketing people instruct us to love each other once again by sharing our hearts and some sweets. And, usually, we have Mardi Gras celebrations with their sweets and libations (although this year, those run into March).

Those marketing people, you gotta love ‘em. They sure are helpful … making sure we all know what events are coming up to spend our money upon … buying the necessary gifts to satisfy our friends and family. When I think of February, I think of gifts as well … the gift of one of my daughters whose birthday is in February … the gift of my amazing wife … whose life with me is commemorated by our February anniversary.

I also think of the gifts of Saint Valentine. Gifts that he had no expectation of recompense or honorifics, yet gifts he gave, nonetheless. His gifts, he sought to give anonymously and almost succeeded. His gifts … if only I could be partially as magnanimous.

This year, I plan to read 50 books… 50 books – non-fiction to biographies to history to the classics I was told to read but chose Cliffs instead. I shall gift myself and, hopefully, my intellect for future conversations with others … especially my grandchildren as I’ve just added that to my personal “titles”. If you have any recommendations, please gift your experience and recommendations to me.

And…. As you head into this second month of 2022, don’t get upset with those marketers… their lists just may have a gift or two that help you satisfy those you love.

If you need help shipping them off or something printed for them … don’t hesitate stopping-by… maybe we will discuss our favorite books. Gary & Your PostNet Team

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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