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Highland Village City Update — February 2022

We are entering an exciting time at the City of Highland Village. We are very close to buildout and need to make sure every decision is considered in terms of economic viability and enhanced quality of life for our residents.

Cities use many different types of planning documents to help guide those decisions. It is time to update Highland Village’s planning documents; the last updates to some of these documents was actually over ten years ago.

We have contracted with McAdams Engineering for this project. It is important as we go through this project that you are involved, understand the process, and provide us your input. To that end, you are invited to a come-and-go Open House event at the Highland Village Municipal Complex on Feb. 23 from 10 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. to learn about the plan updates and provide feedback. We are working with McAdams on four different, and significant, plans.

The Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan will include an assessment of existing parks, programs, operations, finance and level of service to identify gaps, create guiding principles and create ongoing, short-term/long-term objectives based on local values.

The Trail System Master Plan will include an analysis of existing trails, on-street bicycle network, ADA compliance, cross section and intersection design guidance and wayfinding to develop a ten-year action plan to meet community goals.

A new plan is the Village Connection: 407 Corridor and Amenity Plan which is a ten-year action plan designed to promote development or redevelopment, create a sense of place, implement multi-modal transportation options and connect to existing trails.

The fourth plan focuses on Opportunity Areas and will include an analysis of the remaining undeveloped land to identify goals for development options based on market conditions and the fiscal impact to the City, land use and zoning amendments and updates to the comprehensive land use plan to develop implementation strategies.

I encourage you to attend the open house event on Feb. 23. Those who come will have the opportunity to visit plan-focused stations to learn about the process and provide feedback to develop the vision, goals and ultimately the completed plan.

The city is in the beginning stages of developing these plans and community involvement is essential. The open house will be the first public meeting with more to be scheduled as we move through the process. There will also be opportunities to learn about the plans, the progress made, and provide input on your own schedule through the City’s website. Go there now and register so you will receive notifications when updates are posted or meetings are scheduled.

Another initiative on the website is the “Ask Us” section. As a resident, it seems whenever we have a question about something in the city our first reaction is to post on social media, ask a friend or never ask because we don’t know who or where to ask. City staff have set up the Ask Us section to provide answers to those burning, or not so burning, questions. We’ve had quite a few people ask us questions that you may be wondering about as well. Go check it out and see if an answer to one of your questions is there or it may prompt a question you’d like to submit.

We have several new businesses that have either already opened or are planning to open soon. Compass Realty, Hazel + Honey Boutique, On Point Pilates, Principles Counseling Group, I Heart Mac & Cheese, Toasted Yolk, Sip & Savor, Awesome Times Restaurant, RHI Salon, Liquorland and Glo Tan to name a few.

And of course we are coming up on Valentine’s Day and there are so many options in Highland Village to do something wonderful for your loved one. You can purchase a unique gift, dine out at one of our many restaurants, plan a special day at a spa, do an activity together, or just spend time together outside. You can find so many Highland Village options to make your Valentine’s Day special at

As I have said I think in every article I’ve written, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as mayor of Highland Village. Our city is truly a special place. See you around the city!

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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