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Weir: Kronda Thimesch running for Texas House in District 65

The best way to safeguard the freedoms provided to us by the Founding Fathers of this great republic is to educate ourselves concerning the people who run for elective office. People often complain about taxes, crime, border security, education, etc. Yet, when it comes time to make the selection of a leader who can effectively tackle those challenges, they either don’t vote, or, they don’t do any research on the people campaigning for their votes.

On March 1st, Texas has its primary election, in which candidates, running for the nomination by their respective political parties, will be chosen. Kronda Thimesch is running for the Republican nomination for Texas House of Representatives in District 65. Kronda came over for an interview to tell voters about herself and why she’s running. The following bio and campaign website was sent by Kronda Thimesch:

“Kronda Thimesch (pronounced “KRAWN-da TIMM-esh”) is running to be an effective conservative voice for our district where she has lived, worked and raised a family for over 30 years. Kronda’s family came from humble roots. Her grandmother, Rose Martinez-Mascarenas, grew up in a home with dirt floors and didn’t finish high school. But in America, if you are persistent and work hard, anything is possible. Just two generations later, Kronda was elected to serve on the local school board where she fought for educational opportunities for everyone.

“Kronda and her husband Jeff built a successful small business out of their garage over 30 years ago. Today, their company is a regional employer and active community partner. Kronda understands how high taxes, burdensome regulations and frivolous lawsuits make it hard for businesses to grow and create jobs. She will use her experience to ensure Texas continues to foster an environment that encourages job creation, so we can all have the dignity of work and provide for our families.

“Kronda has four children, all of whom graduated from local public schools. After years of being a supportive and active parent leading various booster clubs, scholarship programs, and extracurricular activities, she felt called to do more. In 2015 Kronda was elected to the Board of Lewisville ISD, one of the largest school districts in Texas. She earned the “Master Trustee” designation for her commitment to fighting for the best interests of all children in our community.

“As State Representative, Kronda will work to ensure that education dollars serve our students and empower our teachers. Kronda believes in giving back to our community and volunteers in several charitable, civic, and non-profit organizations. Kronda currently serves on the Denton County Child Protective Services Board and is an Ambassador for Children’s Advocacy Center of Denton County.

“Through her work on behalf of our children, Kronda has witnessed the devastating effect of porous borders and the flow of drugs and human trafficking up Interstate 35 into our communities and schools. Kronda believes in strong border security and will support continued state efforts to beef up border enforcement where federal efforts are lacking. Kronda and her husband Jeff have been married for over 30 years. They are proud parents of four grown children who are now starting families and businesses of their own. The Thimesch family have been active members of Bent Tree Bible Fellowship for 25 years.”

Bob Weir
Bob Weir
Bob Weir is a former NYPD officer, long-time Flower Mound resident and former local newspaper editor.

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