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Senior Talk DFW: Make time for seniors in the New Year

By Edwena Potter, Certified Senior Housing Professional, Keller Williams Realty

Happy New Year!! Repeat after me: I’m about to walk into the best year of my life!

For many of us this will be our mantra. For some seniors, it could be the last year of their life.

How can we as friends and family help make it the “best year of their life” regardless of how many years they have left?

Seniors, like our kids, spell love T I M E!

As I finalize my 2022 Business Plan it includes my Personal Plan for vacations and other family commitments that are important to me.

Intentionally put the seniors in your world on your calendar. Otherwise you, and they, will look up and realize more time than you intended has passed you by.

My mother-in-law in Georgetown is in poor health and I drove down and back the same day and spent several hours with her. Since we were driving to spend Christmas with the other mother-in-law (yes, blessed to have two!) and not knowing how mother-in-law #1’s condition would be, I didn’t want to leave town without another visit. It was important to me.

My Dad is 89. He started last year saying we weren’t exchanging presents. Well, before leaving town, we met for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, one of his favorite breakfast places.

What I learned in 2020-21 is you can’t take time for granted. We lost family members that we thought we had more time with.

Plan your time with the older adults in your world. Impress upon your children and grandchildren how important it is to visit and call. After all, they’ll be a senior someday.

Phone calls, video calls, texts if they’re tech savvy, handwritten notes (an almost forgotten art) will mean the world to the older adults you love. They don’t necessarily need another pair of socks. They need YOU. Plan a meal, an afternoon drive or just a time to be together. Ask them what they’d like to do. It’s a challenge to take time out of our busy worlds but it’ll mean the world to them!!

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Edwena Potter, Certified Senior Housing Professional, Keller Williams Realty

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