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Spinal cord stimulation offers lasting pain relief at Advanced Pain Institute of Texas

Suffering from back pain is no laughing matter. The same goes for neck pain and radiating pain in your arms or legs. It’s enough to keep you from enjoying time with your family and living an active lifestyle, and when conservative treatment options like physical therapy or injections continue to fall short, it can seem like your options are limited.

The amazing team at Advanced Pain Institute of Texas in Lewisville wants you to know that lasting relief is possible, no matter what you’ve been told. All you have to do is stop in for a visit today.

Led by Dr. John Broadnax and Dr. Eric Anderson, Advanced Pain Institute of Texas offers a minimally invasive procedure known as spinal cord stimulation. This procedure is most often used after nonsurgical pain management techniques fail to provide sufficient relief, and it’s perfect for everything from back and neck pain to nerve pain, arm and leg pain, direct injuries to the spinal cord itself, and more.

How does it work, exactly?

Spinal cord stimulation is unique in that you can test its effectiveness before going through with the actual therapy. The first stage involves using a live X-ray machine to thread a small catheter-like lead into the epidural space between the spinal cord and vertebrae until it reaches the desired position.

From there, the leads are secured into place, and you’re taken to a recovery area while the leads are programmed to cover the areas where you are having pain.

“What we’re looking for during the week after this test is to see if there is 50% or more pain relief, an increase in activity, and an improvement in sleep,” Dr. Broadnax said. “If all three of these things happen, it’s considered a positive trial. From there, we can proceed to the implantation of the device, which is similar to the previous method except that the leads and a small battery are placed just under the skin with a small incision. A week later, the stimulator is programmed, and our patients start to see relief.”

He added, “It really is an exciting therapy.”

Many pain management practices throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area tout head-to-toe remedies to help you. But if you want to go where everybody knows your name, and results are second to none, look no further than Advanced Pain Institute of Texas in Lewisville.

To learn more about how Advanced Pain Institute of Texas can help you, visit or call 972-866-4246. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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