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Texas winters and water heaters

When the weather starts getting colder you may notice that something’s going on with the temperature of your water. Sometimes you might wait as long as three minutes or more for your shower to get warm, but it doesn’t seem to get quite hot enough. That is what we hear most from our clients during the winter months.

When the air temperature drops, so does the temperature underground which has a direct affect on the temperature of the water that enters your water heater.

During the winter months your water heater is working harder to heat the water to just the right temperature. It’s a continuous cycle. Your water heater is working to heat the water, cold water enters the tank and cools the water back down.

Last winter was a real “eye opener” for water heaters in Texas, especially units that were 8 years or older and never properly maintained. These water heaters had a likeness to an old car attempting to drive cross country on bald tires that never had an oil change in its lifetime. You can guess how that story ended.

Water heaters are actually the second highest source of energy use in your house. They typically last from 8 to about 12 years if properly maintained.

Some of the signs your water heater is about to “go south” for the winter are: Water leaking from the tank, running out of hot water quickly, low water pressure and inconsistent water temperatures in the shower to name a few.

Colder weather means a higher demand on water heater service calls. Don’t wait until you get the cold shower wake up call. Get a simple comprehensive annual water heater inspection by a licensed plumber from Force Home Services so you won’t end up “driving on bald tires” this winter.

Call 940-323-1051 and let us help keep you warm this winter.

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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