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Northlake Notes — November 2021

Fall is here and with it the march from the start of school to Christmas is in earnest. We’ve just finished Halloween and the early-bird decorators for Christmas are out mounting lights and getting those discounts on hiring the contractors to put up the lights.

My column will be short this month. Last night, while out enjoying some milkshakes with the family, my wife had an allergic reaction to her treat and we ended up paying our first visit to Wise Health ER in Argyle. Go figure. It’s Halloween and the treats played a real trick on us!

She is doing fine now but like everyone who experiences these scares, it certainly upsets life pretty quickly. I do want to say a very special thank you to the staff at Wise Health. They really took care of my wife but they also were so helpful to me explaining what they were doing and providing for our needs for part of the night. I’m very grateful to have that kind of professional medical services nearby for those times when we need it. I certainly don’t want to visit them again soon, but will certainly do so if the situation calls for it.

While there are always some bumps and bruises, we had a safe experience on Halloween for our kids throughout the town. It was great to see everyone able to enjoy a fairly normal evening getting around collecting candy compared to last year. Day by day, we are seeing the return to normal and the hope that maybe even the COVID boogieman from the last 18 months may be moving on.

Of course, this is Thanksgiving month now and expressing our thanks is part of the reason for the season. I’m thankful to the Lord for taking care of our immediate family during COVID this year despite some bouts that were not pleasant in the extended family. I am surprised but grateful too for employment being so strong even with so many worrisome economic factors in our world. When we can keep working and paying the bills, it gives us hope that we can pull through. Our town has weathered this past year with amazing strength, growing into our future with each new family that makes it their home as well. We want to welcome our 4,000+ new neighbors since last year in the area. We hope that you are loving your new homes and finding reasons to be thankful for your new lives here in Northlake.

Happy early Thanksgiving to everyone! Watch those leftover Reese’s Pieces for those who are allergic!

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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