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Our products keep you and your house healthy

It stuck me the other day, most people don’t truly know the depth of the products that a plumbing and HVAC company has to offer. Or about the advanced technologies of these products that are designed to protect the health, safety and comfort of homeowners and their families.

One of the buzz phrases for 2021 has been Indoor Air Quality.

I’ve written several times about the Air Scrubber by Aerus. It provides a healthier environment by cleaning the air in your entire home. Because of its lab-tested proven ability to destroy 99.99% of surface and airborne contaminants including COVID-19, it is one of our most requested products.

What about your plumbing? Does that play a factor into the overall indoor air quality of your home? The answer is yes.

We’ve seen what began as a microleak behind a wall eventually cause damage like unsightly stains and smells. But what you can’t see is the breeding ground it created for microorganisms to multiply. All of which are now circulating through the air in your home.

In March of this year, I shared with you how FLO by Moen helped prevent my home from what could have been a catastrophic flooding disaster during the freeze because of its ability to monitor the multiple fixtures in my home.

It truly is whole home water security for your home and can detect leaks as small as one drop of water per minute which ultimately helps you take care of a small issue before it becomes a costly major repair and a health issue. We have had installations paid for by the insurance company, some of which offer discounts on their homeowner policy because of its ability to prevent a catastrophic flood claim.

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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