Monday, July 15, 2024

HVAC shortage update

In May, I touched on the potential shortage of AC systems and water heaters. Well, it is now a reality.

Of the five major manufacturers of HVAC equipment, one is out of virtually everything and the other four are struggling to keep up.

Like some of the larger service companies, we bought backup inventory but are already having to dig into that reserve.

Getting water heaters is not a current problem in North Texas, unlike other major markets who are struggling to get the most common sizes.

We just received our third price increase for the year from our suppliers. Typically, it’s only one increase per year.

We are hearing homeowners say, “we will just wait for the prices to come back down,” much like the homebuilders are waiting for lumber to come back down. I am not saying this will not happen but, lumber is a commodity, a raw material. Water heaters and HVAC systems are finished consumer products and typically do not fluctuate like the commodities market. In 30 years, I have not seen the prices retreat, ever.

What now? Barring catastrophic failure of your system, repair still seems to be a viable option, just don’t expect to get it repaired the same day or same week depending on availability of parts.

In the event of total failure and a need to replace, be patient and be flexible. You’ll most likely be able to get a new system, but it may not be exactly what you want when you want it.

Another option is to be proactive. If you feel like you are going need to replace your system in the next 12 months, don’t wait for it to break down. We find that given a week or two lead time we can generally come up with exactly what you want and need.

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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